Elevating Your Talent Strategy with Better Technology

There are two sides to the talent strategy coin today:

  • 1) Human resources and managers work together to engage and retain employees, identify gaps in terms of missing skill sets, and refine employee value propositions.
  • 2) Talent acquisition aligns organizational goals around headcount growth to inform their recruitment approaches and ensure they fill key roles in a timely manner.

In other words? Your HR leaders have their teams implement learning and development programs to —well — develop and retain talent, craft succession plans for leadership roles, and update your org’s employer branding. (Among other talent management-related tasks.)

While they conduct this important work tied to your existing workforce, your TA team must create a talent strategy focused on attracting and converting qualified candidates.

And that means you need advanced, modern technology that helps each recruiter on your team elevate their individual sourcing, nurturing, and interviewing efforts.

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3 critical capabilities you need in your TA tech stack to elevate your team’s talent strategy

Human resources relies on their HCM and HRIS software to build employee profiles and store and analyze data associated with teams and workers across the org.

Meanwhile, your recruiters need more than just a standalone applicant tracking system to carry out tasks tied to your business strategy.

Rather, they require a robust set of systems and tools that leads to the employment of high-quality hires and continually high performance to meet assigned recruiting KPIs.

With that in mind, here are five core capabilities you need in your tech stack to ensure your team can capably and consistently contribute to your company’s talent strategy.

1) A centralized recruiting database with advanced automation built right in

Traditional ATS doesn’t get the job done for recruiting and TA orgs anymore. A full-fledged candidate relationship management (CRM) solution with ATS capabilities (see: LeverTRM), however, can help streamline daily duties, like:

  • Reviewing résumés efficiently to know which leads to advance and archive
  • Managing interview schedules and enabling “self-scheduling” for prospects
  • Ensuring hiring managers and interviewers offer timely candidate feedback
  • Revisiting previously engaged talent to determine their fit for new/open roles
  • Streamlining approval workflows related to requisitions, postings, and offers

Mastery Charter Schools (MCS) understood it needed a more flexible single source of TA truth to accelerate and enhance its talent strategy and achieve target hiring goals.

Notably, the nonprofit school network recognized its prior ATS led to ineffective pipeline management and prevented recruiters from communicating with candidates quickly, which led to a high funnel “exit” rate.

Replacing this ineffectual ATS with LeverTRM — and taking advantage of the advanced automation and dynamically updated candidate database in our native talent acquisition suite — solved these issues for the org.

“LeverTRM and its ecosystem of integrations has made our processes seamless,” said MCS Sr. Dir. of Recruitment Ops, Outreach, and Data Anthony Buatti. “Candidates get a cohesive experience, and we can track their results and interactions all in one place.”

2) An intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI to enhance and speed up CRM work

The key to wholly leveraging your recruitment database is being able to navigate it with immense ease and find the TA info and data you’re looking for in seconds.

Your HR colleagues have strong talent management strategies because their systems enable them to find employee records with just a few simple clicks and/or a simple search.

You and your TA team need a similar solution that simplifies your CRM work.

Prior to onboarding Lever, Hopper was bogged down by an old-school ATS with an inadequate UI that prevented its team from sourcing, interviewing, and hiring expeditiously.

Since moving to LeverTRM, though, the travel software firm has seen a twofold increase in interview-scheduling speed. This, in turn, has led to progress in other key recruiting areas.

Notably, our TA suite has helped Hopper hire target talent at its desired pace.

“Lever’s UI for scheduling is a magical, wonderful, warm, and welcoming place,” Hopper Head of People Ops Ashleigh Jaffe stated. “Easy Book is sensational. We’ve been able to hit, if not exceed, internal requirements for interviews and screens on a weekly basis.”

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3) Powerful sourcing, nurturing, and talent analytics functionality

Identify qualified candidates. Conduct personalized, well-timed outreach via email and text. Track engagement with your bespoke, promotional communications. Analyze how top talent moves through pipeline in real time.

Simply put, if you can’t execute any of these tasks with your existing recruitment software, your talent strategy (read: candidate attraction and conversion efforts) will suffer.

With a more sophisticated yet easy-to-use TA platform, you and your team can:

  • Find candidates who meet the criteria for open roles (based on impact job descriptions and hiring manager preferences) without having to jump from one tab or tool to another (e.g., using a Chrome extension like the one LeverTRM offers).
  • Immediately send emails and text messages to those prospects to notify them of their strong fit for the position in question and ask if they want to learn more — again, without having to hop out of their ATS + CRM or browser window.
  • Track interactions with this outbound recruiting messaging (i.e. manual outreach and automated nurture campaigns for a given role) in real time and take action on this data to advance talent of interest to the next recruitment stage.

Lever customer Numan needed to eliminate inefficiencies from its TA team’s processes. In particular, those related to nurturing so recruiters and hiring managers could connect with top talent with custom-tailored messaging.

Making the most of Advanced Nurture in LeverTRM “completely cut out … old manual processes like manual contract creation, and our communication with candidates is much smoother,” per Numan People Director George Petrakis.

Take the LeverTRM tour today to find out how our complete ATS + CRM solution can elevate the effectiveness of your talent strategy and help your business scale and grow.

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