Hire at scale, quickly and efficiently

High-volume hiring requires a different approach. Whether you’re hiring because of rapid growth, expansion, or attrition, your recruiting strategy needs Lever to streamline your high-volume hiring process.


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Swiftly screen and evaluate applicants

Evaluate, skip, advance, or archive candidates in seconds. Screen and evaluate candidates from a single, convenient view and send emails to advanced candidates without ever leaving the screen. Lever’s Fast Resume Review helps your team hire the right talent, swiftly and at scale.

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Build efficiency and consistency

Spend your time evaluating candidates, not on routine work. Lever’s Automation Hub handles manual activities, like archiving, tagging, emailing, and advancing candidates, so your team can focus on the high-volume hiring initiatives that drive your business forward.

Track your pipeline progress

Lever’s talent analytics supports your hiring goals by providing you with a clear view of your pipeline and your team’s recruiting progress, enabling you to hire the right talent quickly and at scale.

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With LeverTRM, we can identify where candidates are sitting too long and tighten up our process. It helps us standardize across locations and strategize to get the best talent in the door as quickly as possible.”
Anthony Buatti
Senior Director of Recruitment Operations, Outreach, and Data, Mastery Charter Schools
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follow up with applicants for high-volume roles
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of time spent sourcing instead of task management

Save time at every stage

Lever saves you time at every stage of recruitment – from sourcing to nurture to hiring and beyond. Quick approvals, direct feedback, automated email outreach, and custom surveys reduce the time needed to review and move candidates forward in your pipeline.

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Help for High-Volume Hiring

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