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At last, recruiting software that your entire team and your candidates will love

Here’s what’s different about Lever:

ATS meets CRM

Source, nurture, and track your talent in one place. Get results a traditional applicant tracking system can’t.

Built for collaboration

Keep hiring managers and recruiters on the same page with features like two-way email sync, @-mentions, and more.


View your company’s entire history with each candidate in a single record for the ultimate transparency and simplicity. 

Applicant Tracking System - Lever

Empowering their entire team to source and refer

“We’ve experienced a tremendous spike in the returns we're seeing from proactively sourcing passive candidates. This quarter, we did 5 times more sourcing than before, resulting in over 40 percent of our hires.”

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Recruiting top talent faster than the competition

“There is no way we would have been able to scale hiring to the machine it’s become without using Lever.”

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Scaling a truly global organization

“Before Lever, less than 50 percent of our hiring process was tracked, and we had no way to see global activity. Now, we’ve achieved 100 percent global visibility.”

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