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The #1 recruiting software to hit your hiring plan

Leading companies use Lever to source, interview, and hire top talent.
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Streamline recruiting

Take the mess out of managing your candidate pipeline with everything you need to build an efficient and scalable recruiting process, all in one place.

Hire the best

Build a world-class team with leading tools for proactively finding, engaging, and hiring top passive candidates.

Increase hiring velocity

Move into the speed of modern recruiting with intuitive workflows, smart automation, and five-click scheduling.


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Source, interview, hire, measure. See how Lever’s
modern recruiting software helps you hire better
people faster. 

2000+ customers worldwide

Our customers achieve extraordinary results.


2x improvement in recruiter productivity

Since implementing Lever, Medallia has seen a 2x increase in coordinator productivity, increased sourced hires by 43 percent and made 2 hires through Nurture Recommendations. Finally, they have increased their candidate NPS® by a whopping 33 percent. 

Read more about Medallia in our case study >
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$900K saved in agency fees

Since investing in Lever, BPM has saved $900,000 in agency fees and proactively sourced 40% of their hires. They’ve also doubled their rate of feedback form completion, allowing the team to make more holistic hiring decisions and improve their quality of hire—leading to 80% less turnover within employees’ first year.

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2x increase in candidate sourcing response rates

From 2014 to 2017, Shopify grew from 550 to more than 2,000 employees. In the last two years, they have made 387 hires through proactive sourcing, including 110 hard-to-fill roles. Finally, Shopify has doubled their candidate response rate to cold outreach from 21% to 42% since rolling out Lever Nurture.

Read more about Shopify in our case study >

57 day reduction in 
time to hire

Since implementing Lever, Nortal has reduced their average time to fill from 87 days to 30 while decreasing agency spend by 50%. They also screened 1500 university students in 3 weeks, making 43 hires.

Read more about Nortal in our case study >

90% offer acceptance rate

A great candidate experience often begins with 
an intuitive application process. “Now that we 
use Lever, we receive numerous comments to our inbox saying ‘Hey, I’ve just applied for X role. 
I wanted to let you know that was one of the best application experiences I’ve ever had,’” says Adam. After using other clunky systems in the market, candidates find the ease of Lever refreshing.

Read more about KPMG in our case study >

50% of hires from referrals

The SHYFT Analytics team has hired 50% of all employees through referrals, and 76% of SHYFT employees are active Lever users. In total, the team has grown by 5x since in investing in Lever—hiring 110 new employees to date.

Read more about Shyft in our case study >
"Here's what I say every day,
Brenda Campbell VP of People

Finally, recruiting software you'll love.

“This is the first time that
Ed Zetusky Recruiting Manager
“Lever is a genius piece
of software. ”
Lisa DeClercq HR Director
“Lever is the hiring software
we’ve all been waiting for.”
Chris Shaw Head of People Operations

Don’t take our word for it.
Lever is rated “most recommended”
and “easiest to use.”

Building out templates in conjunction with their Easy Book links allows me to schedule 50 interviews in a few clicks of the mouse. It's absolutely brilliant.

Ease of use, intuitive navigation, easy to train new hires on.

Nice default reports, easy to customize to get exactly what you're looking for.


Great product. We're hiring faster than ever.

From the very beginning, Lever was high-touch and hands-on with their implementation. This made what I thought would be the hardest part of the process very easy.

Great UI, very intuitive. Far easier to get hiring managers to use a product that operates so easily.



Next-generation recruiting is here

Candidate relationship management
Grow your talent database and store each candidate relationship in a single record with fully-integrated CRM. 

Seamless integrations
Integrate with email, calendar, and 50+ premium recruiting technology partners, or leverage our open RESTful API.

Diversity hiring tools
Build an inclusive team you're proud of with tools to diversify your candidate pipeline and reduce interviewer bias.

The best solutions for your business, for your stage of growth

Early stage
Centralize recruiting activities in one system, get started quickly with an out-of-the-box careers page, and make hiring a team sport.

Do more of what works. Scale your talent database, integrate your systems, and build a data-driven talent function.

Rest easy with advanced access controls and analytics, self-service configurability, compliance support, 99.99% historical uptime, and more.

Tools and templates for recruiting success


7 Email Nurture Templates to Speed Up Hiring

Tips, metrics, and more to help you write emails that earn a candidate response.

tools & templates

How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System

Three easy steps to help choose and implement the right ATS for you.


The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

Concrete strategies for making real progress in diversity and inclusion today.


Streamline your hiring process with Lever

Your hiring plan can’t wait.

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