Improving Your Talent Team’s Performance with Visual Insights

World-class talent acquisition teams don’t use dated spreadsheets or disparate recruiting tools to collect and analyze their recruiting and hiring data.

Rather, they invest in a complete TA suite like LeverTRM that offers out-of-the-box analytics and dynamic dashboards to find the visual insights they need to improve everything from candidate experience to their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in just a few simple clicks.

Download our eBook on Visual Insights, Lever’s robust analytics solution for talent teams of all sizes, to learn how you can quickly and easily unearth the data you need to succeed like our customers do. Our guide explains:

  • How you can get a holistic, comprehensive view of your entire talent pipeline with Visual Insights as your primary TA analytics solution
  • Specific ways Lever customers across industries use Visual Insights to improve their key metrics and contribute to business growth
  • What each of the dozen-plus, built-in recruitment dashboards offers talent acquisition teams with our complete ATS + CRM solution
  • Why Visual Insights is the preferred recruiting and hiring analytics platform by talent leaders, specialists, and operations managers

Get your copy of our “Improving Your Talent Team’s Performance with Visual Insights” eBook today to discover how you can benefit from our advanced analytics solution and build a truly data-driven talent acquisition program.

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