Transform your talent acquisition strategy with LeverTRM™

LeverTRM empowers Talent Acquisition teams to work smarter, not harder.

Our complete ATS + CRM solution with rich talent analytics helps hiring stakeholders improve their sourcing, nurturing, and interviewing practices. It also enables them to evaluate and improve their DEI, candidate experience, and overall recruiting efficiency using robust, dynamic dashboards and stunning data visualizations.


Lever’s cloud-based Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform empowers companies and industries of all sizes to improve their hiring.

From sourcing high-quality candidates to nurturing relationships with passive talent, to quickly measuring recruiting performance, LeverTRM helps talent teams significantly streamline their efforts to attract top talent, collaborate during the recruitment life cycle, and scale their business as desired.

  • Powerful Applicant Tracking System Functionality
  • Candidate Relationship Management Capabilities
  • Out-of-the-Box Talent Analytics and Visual Insights
  • Custom Reporting for DEI, Hiring Speed, & More
  • View of Talent Pipeline for Hiring Team

LeverTRM for Enterprise

LeverTRM for Enterprise offers advanced features and functionality that organizations and talent teams need to scale their hiring.

Whether you have regional high-volume hiring needs or want to scale globally, LeverTRM for Enterprise can help build a world-class team. Our scalable, customizable, and secure solution empowers high-growth companies to collaborate efficiently and effectively and win the race for top talent — especially in times of market uncertainty.

Includes everything in LeverTRM, plus:

  • Advanced Automation Solution Add-On
  • Advanced HR Solution Add-On
  • Data Explorer
LeverTRM makes basic insights such as conversion rates, time to fill, and time to hire available and lets you access all of the features you need for one annual price.
Zsófia Hidas
We’ve been able to reduce an entire headcount in recruiting, that’s saving us around $40,000 per year.
Emma Corbett

Solution Add-Ons

Our packaged Solution Add-Ons help talent teams eliminate redundant and manual tasks, enhance new-hire onboarding, engage top talent with personalized and timely outreach, and access actionable insights regarding every facet of their hiring practices.

Advanced Automation

Automate common recruiting and hiring workflows using filters, rules, and triggers to improve your talent team’s efficiency and productivity. Leverage integrated business tools to streamline the candidate journey from
start to finish.

Advanced HR

Refine the requisition and offer management processes with approval logic and dynamic workflows to ensure a smooth, seamless transition from candidate to new employee.

Advanced Nurture

Personalize your outreach at scale and better engage and convert qualified candidates in your pipeline. Our next-level nurture capabilities make it easy to send well-timed, high-touch messages to passive job seekers.

Advanced Analytics

Take your talent analytics maturity to new heights. Take advantage of sophisticated, user-based dashboards to drive visibility for all stakeholders, and leverage the Data Explorer to build and save custom reports and visualizations.

Candidate Texting

Connect with qualified candidates, increase your response rates, boost your nurture engagement, and speed up your hiring process with Candidate Texting, our personalized recruiting communication feature.

Career Site Builder

Improve your application completion rate and highlight your employer branding with Career Site Builder, which is easily customizable and allows you to white-label your careers page with your brand logo and font.

LeverTRM for Enterprise

Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Reporting, Analytics & Visual Insights
Our rich, dynamic dashboards in Visual Insights help you make smarter, data-backed recruiting and hiring decisions.
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Solutions
Use our DEI surveys to realize more equitable and inclusive hiring practices and track progress with the diversity of your pipeline and hires.
Access to Lever’s Integration Ecosystem
Get access to our expansive ecosystem of integration partners, which features more than 300 tools hiring teams use to succeed today.
Developer-Friendly APIs & Webhooks
Set up custom webhooks and APIs in LeverTRM to sync other essential recruiting and hiring tools.
Security & Performance (>99.9% Uptime)
Forget about downtime. Our ISO 27001 certification and >99.9% platform uptime ensure that our platform is available for your team and that we have the right processes to protect your data and information. View our ISO 27001 certificate.
Global Compliance & Data Privacy Regulations
Stay compliant with Data Privacy laws (including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc).
Single Sign-On
Use our SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) functionality to log in with one set of credentials, which helps you log on fast and work securely.
Lever-hosted job postings, career sites, and candidate self-scheduling emails are optimized for all mobile devices, ensuring a high-quality experience for all.
Global 24/7 Support
Lever provides 24/7 live support for all issues.
Localized Job Postings
Designate a specific city, state, or region for your Lever-generated job postings and denote which openings are on-site, hybrid, and fully remote roles.
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Job Posting & Advertising
Amplify the reach of your openings by using connections with LinkedIn, Indeed, and other popular and niche job boards.
Career Site Builder
Develop a white-label, customized career site with an intuitive UI/UX, custom application questions, and a seamless applicant experience.
Candidate Experience
Curate a best-in-class candidate experience, including hyper-personalized automated messages, a frictionless application process, and self-scheduling capabilities.
Resume Parsing
Parse vital resume information from candidate submissions including candidate contact information, work history, skills, and more for over 25 supported languages.
Applicant Screening & Fast Resume Review
Simplify your recruitment cycle by screening active candidates at the top of your funnel faster and more efficiently.
Leverage the talent networks of your organization’s employees with streamlined referral submission processes and trackable social referral links.
Internal Mobility
Identify highly qualified internal candidates using robust boolean search and provide an internal career site to keep employees informed of current growth opportunities, and collect internal applications.
Agency Hiring
Effortlessly manage candidate submissions from agency partners through dedicated portals and provide timely updates through automated daily status reports.
Hiring Manager Collaboration
Empower recruiters and hiring managers to engage, interview, and advance top talent and consolidate their candidate feedback all in LeverTRM.
Interview Planning & Structured Interviews
Develop structured interview processes that ensure your hiring teams can provide a cohesive candidate experience and make unbiased hiring decisions.
Integrated Scheduling & Candidate Self-Scheduling
Sync your hiring team members’ calendars with LeverTRM to simplify interview scheduling, and enable candidates to self-schedule with Easy Book.
Remote & Video Interviewing
Connect your video interviewing tool(s) with LeverTRM so your talent team can add remote and one-way interview links in invites to candidates of interest.
Task Management
Stay on track with call-to-action buttons, and customizable notifications via email, messages, or in-app reminders of pending to-do items.
Offer Management
Customize your job offer management and approval processes to align with your existing business processes.
Available with solution add-on
Requisition Management
Manage all requisitions from a centralized location, design configurable approval workflows, and create custom requisition fields and templates.
Available with solution add-on
Confidential Hiring
Facilitate hiring for sensitive roles using LeverTRM’s access controls that ensures certain postings (and candidates tied to them) are not visible.
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Multi-Channel Sourcing
Connect to the most popular job boards and career communities with LeverTRM to empower recruiters to source a high volume of high-quality candidates.
Dedicated Sourcing Pipeline
Track sourcing activity with a dedicated pipeline for passive candidates that uses automated stage progression to advance candidates based on your outreach.
Single Candidate Record
Access one single record for every candidate with details on every interaction and job opportunity that the candidate has been considered for in the past, including application questions, interview feedback, notes, emails, and more.
Automated, Multi-Touch Email Campaigns
Set up automated email drip campaigns to passive candidates in your pipeline.
Searchable Talent Database
Hire faster by resurfacing existing candidates in your database whose skills and experiences are a strong fit for open and upcoming roles.
Intelligent Recommendations to Rediscover Talent
Resurface high-value candidates you previously engaged using Lever’s proprietary algorithm for identifying top talent.
Chrome Extension
Build and engage your pipeline of passive talent by pulling candidate information from sourcing sites directly into Lever and initiating contact from our Chrome Extension.
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Email & Calendar
Sync your emails and calendars to LeverTRM – including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace – so you can ease scheduling headaches and see all candidate interactions in one place.
Job Boards Syndication
Automatically post your job listings on both well-known and niche job boards right from Lever to widen the exposure of your open roles.
LinkedIn Recruiter
Spend less time on manual data entry and more time proactively sourcing by using our one-click integration to export candidates directly from LinkedIn to Lever.
Take advantage of our integrations with candidate sourcing tools to connect with premier job prospects across channels and sync their data and details to dedicated candidate profiles in Lever.
Video Conferencing
Schedule, host, record, and share video-based interviews easily through direct integrations with video conferencing tools.
Recruitment to HR
Streamline the recruiting to HR process by connecting Lever to your HRIS tool.
Background Check
Incorporate the background check process into your recruitment workflow in Lever through integrations with background check vendors.
Hand off new hires to your HR team to help kickstart the onboarding process by connecting onboarding tools with LeverTRM.
Candidate Assessment
Use both general and role-based assessment tools that connect directly with our TA suite to evaluate candidates’ skill sets and expertise against your hiring criteria for open positions.
Recruiting Coordination & Scheduling
Streamline advanced interview scheduling processes with scheduling integrations.
Send and capture electronic signatures on offer letters, NDAs, and other official documents through integrations with e-signature providers.
Available with solution add-on
Stay on the same page with your hiring team by using communication tools that integrate seamlessly with Lever and connect with candidates of interest using integrated SMS/texting tools.
Available with solution add-on
Custom Integrations
Create custom integrations with our open API or leverage our professional services team to build custom integrations to your exact specifications.
Available with solution add-on
Business Intelligence
Automatically feed ATS data into your business intelligence system or data warehouse for advanced analytics with blended data insights.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
Analytics & Reporting
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Visual Insights
Access up-to-date and robust insights — our curated dashboards are built from customer insights and industry best practices.
Schedule & Send
Schedule and send specific dashboards with internal stakeholders to ensure they are always equipped with the recruiting insights they need.
Time To Hire Calculation Configuration
Configure your TTH calculation to your business by defining the start and end points in the recruitment journey that you want to measure.
Time To Fill Calculation Configuration
Configure your TTF calculation to your business by defining the start and end points in the requisition lifecycle that you want to measure.
Visual Insights Dashboards
   Overview Dashboard
Get a high-level view of your most important talent data in a single location.
   Postings Dashboard
Monitor activity associated with postings, including how long it takes to fill roles and the status of each posting.
   Pipeline Dashboard
Better understand your recruiters’ efforts to move candidates through your funnel and identify opportunities for improvement.
   Interviews Dashboard
Track your interview scheduling, feedback, and volume data, all in one place.
   Sources Dashboard
Learn how talent enters your pipeline and the quality of each recruiting source.
   Offers Dashboard
Gain insights into metrics like offer volume, acceptance rate, and time to accept.
   Compliance Dashboard
Ensure your entire team handles candidates’ data requests in a timely manner.
   EEO and Diversity Dashboards
Based on your EEO survey or custom diversity survey results, view an anonymized, in-the-moment view of the diversity of your talent pipeline.
   Talent Benchmark Dashboard
Gauge how your TA team is performing against other Lever customers with benchmark data that covers time to hire, time to fill, average time to collect feedback, and more.
   Recruiting Ops Dashboard
Built for recruiters, the Recruiter Ops dashboard is personalized for each recruiter on your team so they can quickly view insights that will help them improve performance and take a data-driven approach toward hiring.
   Hiring Manager Dashboard
Built for Hiring Managers, the Hiring Manager dashboard helps hiring managers track how recruiters’ are progressing with filling their teams’ open roles.
   Talent Leader Dashboard
Get a holistic summary of your team’s performance, talent pipeline conversion, and trending metrics in one single source of truth.
   Candidate Survey Dashboard
Better understand the quality of your organization’s candidate experience. Break down your survey results by question and response to pull qualitative and quantitative feedback that will help you improve.
   Requisition Dashboard
Keep tabs on time to fill, open headcount, and requisition volume with ease.
   Nurture Dashboard
Gauge the effectiveness of your personalized outreach efforts by campaign.
Advanced Automation
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Automation Hub
Introduce more efficiency into your recruiting process with custom automation workflows that automate tedious, manual tasks.
Available with solution add-on
Knockout Questions
Automatically progress or remove candidates based on their answers to questions within the application process.
Available with solution add-on
Candidate Experience Surveys
Create custom candidate experience surveys to collect data that will help you understand your organization’s candidate experience and identify areas for improvement.
Available with solution add-on
Slack Integration
Collaborate and share updates with your hiring team quickly and effectively with our Slack integration.
Available with solution add-on
E-Signature Integration
Send and capture electronic signatures in essential documents using integrations with popular e-signature providers like DocuSign and Adobe Sign.
Available with solution add-on
Advanced HR
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Dynamic Approval Workflows
Create dynamic workflows for offers, requisitions, postings, and headcount that intelligently route to the correct individuals and streamline your approval process.
Available with solution add-on
Custom Requisition Fields
Add custom fields to your requisition form to capture information relevant to your organization’s headcount planning processes.
Available with solution add-on
Post-Approval Overrides
Reduce turnaround time for common revisions and eliminate unnecessary extra steps for hiring teams.
Available with solution add-on
Advanced Nurture
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Bulk Nurture Campaigns
Scale your nurture campaigns by selecting up to 50 candidates to send a campaign to at once.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
Shared Nurture Templates
Promote collaboration on candidate campaigns through the creation of team campaigns that everyone on your team can leverage when reaching out to candidates.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
Complete Nurture Reports
Compare nurture campaigns, touchpoints and sender data to uncover recruitment marketing performance across your various pipelines.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
Advanced Analytics
Feature LeverTRM LeverTRM for Enterprise
Advanced Visual Insights Dashboards
   Offers Approvals and Revisions
Track all your offer approval activity including offers sent, offers with revisions, avg. time to approve and revise offers, as well as offer revisions by each offer field.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
   Hiring Manager Pipeline Dashboard
Hiring Managers will have a full view of Archive reason trends by role, what interviews are waiting to be scheduled, what interviews are awaiting feedback, as well as all opportunities in the pipeline by posting.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
   Advanced Recruiter Operations Dashboards
Recruiters & Recruiter Managers will have improved visibility into upcoming interviews, candidate feedback statuses, and performance.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on
Data Explorer
Create custom dashboards utilizing key data sets directly in Lever with Data Explorer. Each visualization can be customized and viewed period-over-period to gauge progress over time.
Available with solution add-on
Data Warehouse Sync
Analyze your entire talent operation by combining Lever data and the data from other tools in your HR/TA tech stack with your data warehouse of choice.
Available with solution add-on Available with solution add-on

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