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Customer story

Combining massive amounts of data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper predicts and analyzes airfare and accommodation to save users money and enable them to travel more often. It’s the smart way to book travel on your phone.

The challenge

At the start of 2019, the company found itself struggling
to close critical software engineering talent as it entered
a period of explosive growth. Bogged down by an inefficient scheduling process, Hopper’s talent team set out to find
a better recruiting software that could help the company move at the speed of modern hiring.

The solution

Ashleigh Jaffe, Head of People Ops, had used Lever at a previous company and knew it was the perfect match for what Hopper needed to attract and close in-demand technical talent across different cities and countries.

The results

After an aggressive implementation schedule, the Hopper team spent two weeks transitioning to Lever from their old ATS. We didn’t want our employees to feel anything other than happiness when they’re in Lever and not any degree of frustration,” says Jaffe. “It was a short period of time and they were all on board.”

    interview scheduling
    from one central location
    to the C-Suite, like time-to-hire and hires per recruiter, market and role

“ Our biggest problems were reporting, scheduling and pipeline management. Check, check, check. Lever was the obvious answer to all of those.”

Ashleigh Jaffe,

Head of People Ops

Hopper Schedules Interviews 2X Faster to Speed Up Time-to-Hire

Speed up scheduling with an intuitive UI


“Lever’s UI for scheduling is a magical, wonderful, warm, and welcoming place,” says Jaffe. “Easy Book is sensational. We’ve been able to hit, if not exceed, internal requirements for interviews and screens on a weekly basis.”

Implement regular reporting for the C-suite


Before Lever, Jaffe and her team did not have access to
the data they needed to track key talent metrics. “It was beyond frustrating, because I was trying to figure out a very simple thing of how many interviews I had last week and
I could not get that,” says Jaffe. Now, she can finally see what her time-to-fill is per position/business unit, hires
per recruiter/market/roles, and see what requisitions look like to report back to the business.

Gain visibility across the talent pipeline


From seeing where a candidate is at in Hopper’s pipeline to how many candidates are in a specific stage, Jaffe and her team are able to manage the talent pipeline from one, centralized location.

“We’ve doubled the size of our recruiting team. We have lots of open reqs in the software engineer realm right now. We’re growing fast. With Lever, I know our small, but mighty team, can keep up!”

– Ashleigh Jaffe, Head of People Ops

“Our old applicant tracking system was not good for what Hopper needed it to do. I’m a two-time Lever customer and super psyched about it. So I knew that Lever was the solution for our scheduling, reporting, and pipeline management challenges.”
Ashleigh Jaffe,
Head of People Ops
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