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Diversity and Inclusion at Lever

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion started with a taskforce at just 10 employees. We didn’t know it then, but this taskforce would take deep root in our culture—fundamentally shaping our trajectory. Since then, we’ve worked to create an environment where Leveroos can thrive and bring their authentic selves to work without judgement. We’ve learned that giving Leveroos the freedom to express themselves, to be open with their ideas, and to use opportunities for growth as their north star frees them to put their best work forward.

Whether it’s through diversity and inclusion education during new employee ramp class, regular team workshops, weekly peer appreciation, or everyday actions, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels like a welcome and essential part of the team. We’re not perfect, we’re still learning and we’re always open to new and different ways to think about inclusion.

Nate Smith

Our diversity stats

We’re proud of the team we’ve built, but know there’s more work to be done.

Culture Quest team photo

identify as women (all time – leaders and ics)


leaders (non-execs) identify as women


female board


underrepresented minorities


executives identify as women


engineers identify as women

Diversity statistics come from a voluntary survey taken when Lever was 144 employees in 2020.  ‘Underrepresented minorities’ accounts for all non-Asian and non-White employees.

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Customers frequently ask us what they can do to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, so we wrote this Diversity and Inclusion Handbook to compile those insights, along with those from inclusion leaders at Yelp, Affirm, and Shopify. In it, you’ll find tactical advice, beneficial resources, and examples of what you can do today to make real progress in diversity and inclusion.

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