8 of the Most Innovative Recruiting Strategies Today

Develop highly effective recruiting strategies that attract a diverse array of qualified candidates you can add to your talent pool, advance to the interview process, and hire.

That’s the (fairly obvious) recruitment goal for just about every business today. But, it’s still a critical North Star to use when assessing your overall talent acquisition approach.

Both at a macro level (i.e., recruiting processes that are in place or needed) and micro level (i.e., adjustments to specific recruiting efforts, like where to publish job ads for open roles).

There are many types of recruiting strategies you can implement today using your (ideally advanced) applicant tracking system.

That said, there’s no shame in looking at the strategies executed by other talent teams across the globe. Including and especially those with similar business models and hiring needs.

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8 of the best recruiting strategies implemented by leading talent acquisition teams

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you don’t think other talent teams don’t occasionally “study” how other TA orgs build their employer brand, promote their company culture, write their job descriptions, or create employee referral programs, you’d be wrong.

Are you fond of another employer’s recruiting and hiring processes? Notably, ones you think are impactful and could help you better connect with and convert top candidates?

Well … why not find a way to emulate their tactics in your own TA strategy?

Here are eight of the most innovative recruiting strategies we’ve seen Lever customers “put in play” in recent years. Specifically, ones that help them fill job openings more quickly, save time and money (a big C-suite focus), and employ more high-performing talent.

1) Entrata

Prior to investing in LeverTRM for Enterprise, the global property management software firm relied on a “home-grown” ATS to store active and passive candidate info and details.

However, this self-built system (rarely a good idea) forced Entrata’s TA specialists to manually review hundreds of applications weekly. This led to wasted time and inefficiencies.

Fast-forward to onboarding our talent acquisition suite for growing teams.

Entrata’s entire recruiting staff can now automate many core activities involved in its recruiting strategies (e.g., publish job postings universally, qualified referrals auto-added to the pipeline) to streamline its daily work.

“When you’re a software company competing for the best talent in the world, you need flexibility to move quickly, while also giving people consistent experiences,” said Entrata Director of Talent Acquisition Emma Corbett.

And that’s exactly what LeverTRM for Enterprise now provides the Entrata TA team.

2) Mastery Charter Schools

The nonprofit network of educational institutions had an equally ineffective ATS in place as Entrata before adding LeverTRM to its talent acquisition technology stack.

The rigid solution didn’t offer “deduplication.” This meant multiple profiles were created for individual leads. What’s more, there was no built-in resume review functionality to make applicant analysis easier. Resume had to be evaluated in various mediums.

Since Mastery gets 10,000 applications annually, that was a fairly big issue.

Now, Mastery’s recruiters use LeverTRM to quickly assess applicants, route candidates to the appropriate recruiter in seconds, “de-dupe” candidate profiles automatically, and strategically engage potential and active opportunities with custom campaigns built in Advanced Nurture.

3) Coupa

The business spend management platform had ambitious headcount goals when it invested in LeverTRM. Notably, it wanted to hire 1,300 new staff members in a single year.

Our ATS + CRM enabled Coupa to carry out its lofty, high-volume hiring plan.

The org uses integrations with vital tools, including LinkedIn Recruiter, HireRight, Slack, and DocuSign. These connections elevate Coupa’s recruiting flexibility and helped TA specialists set up other hiring team members for success (e.g., simplified approval and feedback processes).

Just as helpful is Visual Insights. Coupa uses our analytics for several use cases.

It audits its diversity recruitment and hiring. It gauges the speed with which leads advance in the funnel. And it learns the quality of candidate experience provided to engaged prospects by examining CX survey results and scores.

4) Verafin

“When our headcount grew past 500, we started seeing applications by the thousands,” said Heidi Murphy, Team Lead Recruitment at Verafin, a financial crime management solution. “We needed more reporting and automation functionality.”

Enter LeverTRM for Enterprise.

Our TA suite helped automate candidate communications, thanks to our native talent nurturing and engagement features. Now, Verafin can “automate responses at various stages in the pipeline. In turn, it can provide a stellar (and continually better) candidate experience.

Moreover, the knockout questions and auto-tagging in LeverTRM means applicants can be automatically archived and advanced. (That is, based on pre-set criteria set for roles.)

This means no time is wasted on engaging poor-fit prospects in its talent pool.

Add in the newfound ability to create custom reports Heidi could share with her C-suite to highlight progress with her recruiting strategies, and Verafin has been able to develop a highly data-driven — and powerful — TA approach.

5) Mitek Systems

The digital identity verification and mobile image processing service provider has a small but mighty talent team. That’s a main reason it chose Lever to take over as its ATS + CRM.

Mitek’s TA staff has seen its productivity levels amplify considerably since onboarding our suite. That’s because they can now better identify the types of candidates in its pipeline (full-time new hire, FT re-hire, or contractor) and appropriately assign them to the right recruiters.

The custom integration with its HRMS, Ceridian Dayforce, means Mitek’s recruiters can seamlessly progress leads in its pipeline and set HR and new hires up for onboarding success.

(The latter being an oft-forgotten component of the best recruiting strategies today.)

6) BridgeBio

Sacrificing candidate experience quality for the sake of faster hiring is never ideal. Thankfully, talent teams with LeverTRM — like BridgeBio — can supply a superior CX to its talent pool while also achieving their hiring velocity goals.

The drug engineering platform uses both LeverTRM and Checkr, a background check tool, to enhance the “middle” and “bottom” of its recruiting funnel.

The org’s TA team delivers bespoke, personalized messaging to high-quality candidates using Advanced Nurture and conducts structured interviews that lead to speedy rejections and advancements of leads of interest.

For final-stage prospects, Checkr ensures an expedient background check for BridgeBio’s candidates that prevents these prime prospects — who are ostensibly just one step away from the offer stage —from abandoning the process.

7) Aircall

It’s not just North American businesses that take advantage of our TA suite to improve their recruiting strategies and accelerate their hiring. European organizations also leverage LeverTRM to scale their businesses more efficiently.

Consider Aircall. The Paris-based cloud call center and phone system provider uses our ATS + CRM to source, nurture, interview, and hire international talent.

The ability to centralize all of its crucial recruitment data into a single source of truth means all hiring manager feedback, pending and accepted offers, and candidate life cycle details all live in one digital locale, not disparate tools.

The results of its recruiting strategies (and utilization of LeverTRM)?

Aircall doubled its headcount in both the first and second year using our platform and can now better manage its high (and growing) volume of active and passive candidates.

8) Samba TV

Some orgs’ recruiting strategies are successful with solely “standard” talent analytics at their disposal. Others, though — like Samba TV — “blend” their talent acquisition data sets with business intelligence tools to get more granular, actionable recruitment insights.

Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) helps our customers get this more intricate view of their analytics. In Samba TV’s case, DWS enables the org’s talent team to:

  • Export candidate data from LeverTRM and upload it into Sisense, its main BI tool, to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of its recruitment cycle
  • Diagnose bottlenecks (e.g., unnecessary interview stages, overly complex candidate assessments) and other issues (e.g., poor sourcing avenues leveraged)
  • Generate goal-aligned reports (e.g., one with data tied to offer acceptance rates, reasons for offer declines, and DEI breakdowns of prospects in its pool)

“[With Lever] I was able to see where candidates were getting stuck,” said Samba TV Head of Global Talent Sri Ramachandran. “We reduced time to hire by 80% within six months.”

Want to execute more insights-centric recruiting strategies? You’ll need the right ATS + CRM at the center of your tech stack. Learn why LeverTRM could be right for your TA team.

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