Providing a High-Touch Candidate Experience at Scale

One thing is certain: As companies grow and hire more talent, so does the email communication and information to track over time.

This becomes extremely vital for candidates who enter your talent pipeline, when you need to pivot and hire efficiently in the future.

So, how can TA teams such as yours ensure efficiency to lower the noise and aggregate talent data — including engagement data — seamlessly?

Grayscale Cofounder and CEO Ty Abernethy, Renewal by Andersen Senior TA Coordinator Carlie Donley, and Keller Williams Senior TA Manager Matt Wirkiowski shared seven helpful tips during a recent joint webinar that can help talent orgs simplify candidate tracking and communication and ensure they can provide a high-quality candidate experience (CX).

Tip #1: Use tech to eliminate steps in the hiring process.

From ensuring offer letters are tracked in real time via DocuSign, Slack, and your ATS to syncing multiple calendars with one click, the right tech can make a big difference.

For instance, LeverTRM allows you to move quickly through many different platforms while tracking everything across each step of the recruiting process all in one place.

By connecting Lever with Grayscale, Ty noted our customers can ensure text messages with prospective hires are all tracked and interview confirmations are synced with recruiters’, hiring managers’, and interview panelists’ calendars, thanks to our Easy Book functionality.

(Side note: Learn more about Lever’s 200-plus technology integrations, including Grayscale.)

Tip #2: Don’t go 48 hours without any communication.

Going dark on candidates in this labor market can cause you to miss out on the hire, especially as it relates to diversity hires.

Carlie said she doesn’t go 48 hours before calling an applicant — and that’s across two offices in Minnesota with 700-plus openings.

It seems like a tall order, Carlie added. However, she noted Lever enables her team to track across multiple touchpoints and various channels to maintain their desired hiring speed.

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Tip #3: Message candidates on multiple channels.

The Keller Williams talent org shortened its time to hire and grew from 530 employees to 1,000 in 11 months. How? With an ATS that offered robust communications-tracking features and a coordinated focus on keeping tabs on candidates.

One way the team accomplished this, per Matt, was by using Easy Book to scale scheduling interviews and using Grayscale to text-confirm interview reminders and offer letter logistics.

Carlie added her staff at Renewal by Andersen has also been able to automate personalized texts to ensure new hires know what’s expected of them on day one.

Tip #4: Let candidates know if you’re running late.

Grayscale makes it easy to text a candidate if you’re going to be late to a call with them.

In a remote world, in which everyone moves from one Zoom meeting to another at a rapid pace, this provides TA teams like yours the flexibility they need to never skip a beat.

Tip #5: Keep processes consistent across hiring teams.

Since Renewal by Andersen is a window-replacement company with multiple locations, Carlie indicated it was essential to ensure their hiring process was consistent.

That meant her team needed a system to combine recruiting efforts across the board.

So, Carlie and Co. created consistent hiring templates that they can customize as they go. The key is to keep one recruiting effort and team across all hiring, especially when workforces are distributed. This enabled them to hire over 1,000 candidates just this year alone.

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Tip #6: Check on candidate stages to spot problems.

Checking on candidate stages frequently — and, ideally, using tech like Lever that offers a real-time, at-a-glance view of where leads are in each stage — can allow your team to spot any problem in your hiring process and rectify them fairly quickly.

If things are getting held up in one spot or another during the interview process, your talent org can look into what might be causing the hold-up and address the issue.

For example, Lever customers with long lag times in specific interview stages modify or eliminate said stages. This helps them remove any bottlenecks and keep the overarching recruiting process moving full steam ahead.

Tip #7: Check in often with recruiters and hiring managers.

Last but not least, check in with your teams weekly to assess any issues as you go.

Hiring is a team sport. It requires everyone to work cohesively (hiring managers included) to get the job done in an efficient way and realize the desired growth with core metrics.

Discover how LeverTRM can help you and your talent team provide a consistently high-quality candidate experience to prospects you engage. Schedule a demo today.

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