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Our product philosophy

Design thinking is in our DNA. We intentionally build products to solve the pains and needs of our users, which has led us to base our decisions on three core principles.

Scale and share hiring
Recruiting shouldn’t operate in a silo. Our products open up hiring to everyone involved, including recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers. Our goal: effortless collaboration across the organization.
Design for humans, not data entry
Hiring shouldn’t be an administrative chore. We have a strong bias toward interfaces that are simple, intuitive, even fun to use. By reducing in-product clutter, we can streamline and accelerate recruiting.
Drive action with transparency
Poorly thought-out reports create more pain than they solve. We empower our users with clean, clear data throughout our platform, so that key insights are never more than two clicks away.

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Lever Hire
Incorporating both ATS and CRM functionality, this collaborative platform will quickly engage your entire team in recruiting the right candidates.
Lever Nurture
Our automated workflow technology takes the pain out of sourcing, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with the most promising talent.
Lever Analytics
Talent analytics have never been so approachable.
“With recruiting, you need to play the long game. It's not just about the next few months - it's about building a culture and a brand so you can hire the best for years to come. Lever has made it possible for us to manage hundreds of active and passive candidates while building that hiring culture.”
Karthik Sridharan
Co-Founder at Kinnek

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