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Talend reduced time to fill by nearly 46% with Lever. Now, some hires are so quick, the end-to-end process is done within days.

The challenge

• Balancing the “need for speed” vs. getting to know candidates
• Finding robust software to help nurture “silver medalists”
• Empowering diversity during the recruitment process

The solution

• LeverTRM enables Talend to save “silver medalists” for future roles
• Use the end-to-end TA platform that combines all the functionality of an ATS and CRM

The results

• Average time to fill is now 32 days; 46% faster vs. pre-Lever
• Fewer than 1/4 roles require Talend to start from scratch
• 91% response rate for the EEO + Global Diversity Survey for 2021 YTD

How Talend Reduced Time to Fill by 46% with LeverTRM

Building a list of
top-tier talent

Talend finds it puzzling how many recruiters are willing to drop 2 or 3 final-stage candidates (i.e., “silver medalists”) after a role is filled. Lever empowers Talend to continue nurturing these “silver medalists” until a similar or better position opens up.

Maintaining relationships
with candidates

Talend’s TA team created a “consider for future roles” tag within LeverTRM. When a candidate demonstrates that they’d be a great fit at a later date, recruiters add this tag alongside other helpful identifiers such as “role” and “location.

Time to fill decreased
by 46%

In 8 months, Talend hired 23 “silver medalists”. Each candidate applied for one position, only to later be offered another role within the company. Nurturing each candidate through Lever has had a dramatic impact on Talend’s average time to fill.

"Talend is committed to internal mobility, referrals, and nurtured candidates. Leveraging these talent pools means that fewer than ¼ of our roles require us to start from square one. When you’re resource-limited, that’s how you win."
Lance headshot
Lance Sapera,
VP of Talent Acquisition, Talend

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