Shopify’s Story

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Customer story

Shopify is a commerce platform on a mission to make selling easy.

The challenge

Shopify needed to streamline sourcing activities and build stronger relationships with candidates to power a major growth phase.

The solution

Lever Nurture helped Shopify supercharge their large-scale sourcing strategy and double engagement from passive candidates.

The results

From 2014 to 2017, Shopify grew from 550 to more than 2,000 employees. In the last two years, they have made 387 hires through proactive sourcing, including 110 hard-to-fill roles. Finally, Shopify has doubled their candidate response rate to cold outreach from 21% to 42% since rolling out Lever Nurture.

“Lever has changed our ability to scale recruiting with the organization. It's allowed us to get hiring managers and all other employees involved with recruiting.”

Doug Tetzner

Director of Executive Search at Shopify

Shopify's Story

Doubling down on proactive sourcing with Lever Nurture

Shopify knows that the best candidates often aren’t looking for new opportunities, so they’ve always encouraged employees to proactively source top talent. In 2014, they decided to take their approach one step further. They began building their team of recruiting researchers who devote 90% of their time to sourcing.  

It began when one of their first recruiters, Sarah Eastman, proactively sourced and hired 25 employees during her first year on the team. As developers, product managers and more senior candidates joined, it became clear that sourcing was a surefire means to fill their most difficult roles. Still, sourcing candidates was time-consuming – it required personalizing and tracking the status of every message across hundreds of candidates.

In Lever, Shopify discovered a complete solution that streamlines their proactive sourcing work. With game changing features like Lever’s Chrome Extension, they can effortlessly import candidates from any webpage without interrupting their workflow. And in countless ways, Lever Nurture has revolutionized their day-to-day sourcing experience.

“Sourcing before Lever Nurture took a lot of manual work that was prone to human error. Now, the process is way faster and easier to personalize,” says Sarah. “All I have to do is set up a Nurture campaign with my candidates and let it run.” And because she can now automate her follow-ups, she no longer has to worry that anyone will fall through the cracks.

But this band of recruiting researchers can’t source successfully alone. Through partnering with hiring managers, they also learn how to better engage candidates. This is where Lever Nurture comes in handy once again. To encourage candidates to respond, they can now reach out to candidates on behalf of hiring managers.

“Sometimes, we’ll use Lever Nurture to send reach outs under our hiring manager’s name once we’ve asked what they want to communicate,” says Sarah. “Using the “send-for” feature not only saves them time; it nearly ensures a higher response rate from candidates.”

Ultimately, Lever Nurture has transformed the way Shopify sources, engages and eventually hires top talent.

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