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Customer story

Medallia is a leading customer experience management company, with over 1,250 employees worldwide, empowering companies to build strong connections with their customers.

The challenge

Medallia had a “best of breed” ATS yet still relied on manual processes to accomplish all of their recruiting goals – from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews and managing offers. To make matters worse, various corners of their talent team used different strategies and tools, making it difficult to make collaborative hiring decisions.

The solution

Lever has automated many of Medallia’s recruiting processes which has allowed them to focus on higher value activities such as building relationships and improving the candidate experience. Lever Nurture is empowering them to systematically follow up with candidates, while Lever’s centralized workflow allows every hiring stakeholder to work together rather than apart. Now, the talent team can easily collaborate with hiring managers and interviewers to give candidates a more efficient, quality experience.

The results

Since implementing Lever, Medallia has seen a 2x increase in coordinator productivity, increased sourced hires by 43 percent and made 2 hires through Nurture Recommendations. Finally, they have increased their candidate NPS® by a whopping 33 percent.

“We now have the highest candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) score in Medallia’s history.”

Molly Stark

Head of People Experience, Medallia

Medallia's Story

Doubling recruiting productivity and boosting candidate experience

Productivity improves the candidate experience

The subgroups of Medallia’s talent team were working in separate silos. With disparate strategies and processes, cross-team coverage became impossible. Recruiting coordinators, for example, were working tirelessly and still falling short of the results they wanted. Recruiters were manually generating offers and sending them to hiring managers for approval. Overall, the team felt like they had no single source of truth, which led to miscommunication, and their inefficiency was negatively affecting the candidate experience.

With Lever, Medallia has been able to establish a single, flexible workflow. Through standardizing interview guidelines via Lever templates and centralizing candidate communication within the platform, the team has built a more organized process and eliminated back and forth questions about candidates. For recruiting coordinators, this change has paid immediate dividends. They’ve seen a 2x decrease in time spent per task, 2x increase in output, and 2x decrease in time to schedule. “Since we implemented Lever, our coordinators are managing double the amount of interviews they were before,” explains Molly Stark, Head of Talent Acquisition Operations & Programs, Medallia. “Furthermore, our candidate NPS score has jumped from the 60s to the 80s. We now have the highest candidate NPS score in Medallia’s history.” To top it all off, recruiters are now automating processes like offer approvals and accurately measuring how long it takes each hiring manager to fill their roles.

Automation accelerates sourced hires

Yet even as Medallia was streamlining their overall interview process, sourcing remained a unique pain point. Sourcers spent hours tracking candidates, sending outreach emails, and providing manual updates to hiring managers and recruiters. They were communicating with candidates on different platforms across the web, making it difficult to keep tabs on everyone they were trying to recruit.

In the end, says Tim, “I made the mistake of trying to save on budget, but paid for that in overall recruiting costs and costs to the organization.” With eight months left on their old contract, the Stride team decided that it was worth it to eat the costs and upgrade to Lever.

Recruiting runs efficiently and everyone has more time back in their day with Lever.

Now with Lever, the team recruits faster. Candidates no longer fall through the cracks, feedback is submitted in an average of just seven hours, and previously time-consuming tasks like emailing candidates and scheduling interviews take half the time, or less. “What used to take two to three minutes and loads of copy and paste per candidate email now takes me less than 30 seconds with Lever,” says Operations Manager Hailey Clausen.

Process improvements like these are what make it possible for Stride to make hires in less than 10 days, as they did recently with a critical engineering candidate. The candidate started interviewing with Stride when he was well into the process with other companies, but Stride’s streamlined process with Lever allowed them get an offer out before anyone else.

Finally, Stride has the analytics they were missing before to become a more data-driven team. One example is when they realized they were bringing too many candidates onsite who weren’t making it to the next stage. They’ve since tightened the screening process and saved their interviewers valuable time. Armed with insights, Stride looks forward to continuing to grow, and improve, with Lever.

“I had a hard time making the business case to myself for a more full-featured solution. It’s hard to foresee the costs of your team’s time, of not having your CTO working on the product, or not making that one hire and paying more on agencies until it happens."
Molly Stark
Head of People Experience, Medallia

Since investing in Lever, BPM has saved $900,000 in agency fees through candidate sourcing.

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