Lost My Name

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Customer story

Lost My Name is a platform that allows you to create personalized children’s books.


The challenge

The unique and ad-hoc hiring needs at Lost My Name required a flexible and customizable recruiting platform that would adapt to their process.

The solution

Lever’s simple functionality proved to be the perfectly adaptable platform the Lost My Name team was looking for.

The results

Lost My Name fully customized every aspect of Lever to suit their particular interview process and take recruiting to the next level.

“I’ve seen a huge uptick in managers actually writing feedback because Lever is so easy to use!”

Jess Hayes

Talent and HR Projects Lead

Lost My Name's story

Lost My Name, a UK-based company that creates personalized children’s books, has hiring needs as unique as the storybooks they produce, with ad-hoc hiring for everything from fantasy children’s book authors, to engineers that can work on marketing or business development teams. As a result, they sought a recruiting platform that would enable them to nurture relationships with individuals that might not be a fit today, but may be in the future.  

Lost My Name’s quest for an applicant tracking system led them to Lever because it was adaptable enough meet their very specialized needs. They also looked to avoid the perils of their previous system, which left them with unreliable data, a lack of implementation support, and required too many clicks to get to key information.

Lost My Name fully customized every aspect of Lever to suit their particular interview process and take recruiting to the next level. As a result, they were able to decrease time spent inputting, sorting, and reviewing candidate information by 1.5 

hours per candidate. Lost My Name further adapted Lever to collect applications and resumes of event attendees by sending a Lever application as the RSVP link. “That way if we like someone when we meet them at the event, and we decide we want to interview them, we have all the data we need in Lever already and we know where they came from. It’s seamless for us,” remarked Jess Hayes, Talent and HR Projects Lead. 

In addition, they valued having a dedicated implementation specialist to help them make the most of their new applicant tracking system so they could be set up for success from Day 1. “Having an implementation specialist to help you set up new software is the one thing you shouldn’t skimp on,” Jess insisted. Lost My Name’s implementation specialists became an important factor in helping them find success with Lever, since their recruiting process was so unique.

"Our hiring focuses a lot more on organic sourcing and building authentic relationships with candidates because we’re often hiring for non-specific roles."
Jess Hayes
Talent and HR Projects Lead

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