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Lever Hire

At last, the collaborative recruiting platform your entire team and candidates will love.

A fresh take on the applicant tracking system

Lever Hire combines ATS and CRM functionality in a single powerful platform to help you source, nurture, and manage your candidates all in one place.

Proactively engage the best talent

Discover and reach the top candidates that aren't yet looking, all in just a few clicks. With our simple browser extension, your entire team can start sourcing and referring rockstars.

Streamline your entire interview process
Streamline your interview process

Drive an end-to-end recruiting process with ease. Lever takes care of the busy work and minimizes manual effort, so you can spend more time giving every candidate a stellar experience.

Make data-driven decisions, fast

Always keep track of the numbers that matter. With quick, flexible reports and interactive dashboards, you're never far from the insights you need to power a top-notch recruiting strategy.

Make sourcing and referrals everyone’s priority

  • Empower your entire team to source and refer candidates through the Lever Chrome extension
  • Send emails and add notes right from a candidate's social profile so your team always has the context they need
  • Spread the word about open roles with trackable social referral links
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Manage your end-to-end interview process with ease

  • Make scheduling and re-scheduling a breeze with a simple drag and drop interface that incorporates calendar availability
  • Impress candidates and collect consistent, actionable interview data with customized feedback forms and skills-based scorecards
  • Craft, approve, and send offers right from Lever, so you can secure your ideal candidates - fast
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Track the numbers that matter

  • Drive more insightful discussions with shared access to interactive, visual dashboards
  • Click on any number to expose underlying candidate data and see the people behind the percentage
  • Build customizable reports with unique URLs so you can always keep tabs on what's critical
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“There is no way we would have been able to scale hiring to the machine it's become without using Lever.”

Sebastian Brannstrom

Head of Mobile at Lyft

Packed with additional features and functionality

Custom careers page

Easily construct a careers page that reflects your brand and encourages candidates to apply. With simple posting management and customizable forms, you'll be able to create the perfect application process in no time.

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Time-saving tools

Collaborate faster and track everything in one place with two-way email sync. Review resumes, add notes, submit feedback, and more, all without having to log into a different system. See all those candidate interactions immediately in their Lever profile.

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Robust candidate profiles

Consolidate multiple job applications and many talent touchpoints into one streamlined candidate profile. By keeping Lever your source of truth on each candidate, you'll have everything you need to make a decision in one central place.

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User access controls

Ensure critical data stays confidential with the ability to grant access by role, team, location, or tag in just one click. For sensitive conversations day-to-day, secret notes and feedback forms let you talk privately.

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applicant tracking system nurture

Accelerate your sourcing with Lever Nurture

Need more tools to accelerate your sourcing strategy? Add Lever Nurture to build meaningful relationships with your top candidates, at scale.

Combined with Lever Hire, Lever Nurture uses powerful workflow automation technology to make your proactive sourcing efforts more timely and efficient, so you can get on with what really matters: engaging high-quality talent.

Lever Hire resources

See Lever in action

CEO Sarah Nahm and customers from Quora and Lyft share how Lever is reinventing the way companies hire.

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Learn why Lever is the collaborative recruiting platform that your entire team and candidates will love.

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Hear from our customers

Our customers share what they think about Lever and how effortless collaboration has impacted their recruiting teams.

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What's new

We strive to consistently improve the experience for every user by regularly delivering new features and enhancements.

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Plans and pricing

Designed to fit any stage of growth, Lever offers several plans to match your recruitment needs.

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Why Lever is different

Lever is transforming the way companies hire, with collaboration and candidate experience at the center.

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