Lever Launches Zoom Integration for Video Interviews

Lever is proud to announce our brand new Zoom integration, the first of its kind in the recruiting technology space. Our customers can now effortlessly incorporate Zoom video interviews into their interview process and further enhance their hiring strategies.

Doing so can help them build a simplified, modern recruitment process that works for candidates and hiring managers and contributes to a more streamlined interview cycle.

Scheduling video meetings with job prospects used to be an entirely manual process. More specifically, it was one that wasted valuable time and increased the potential for a poor candidate experience — one that can lead to missed hiring quotas.

In the bigger picture, our Zoom integration can help companies build winning talent brands.

“Our Zoom integration is a landmark achievement in recruiting technology,” said Lever SVP Product Laura Marino. “For most of our customers, Zoom is already a crucial part of their hiring process. This new Zoom integration makes it significantly easier, improving recruiter efficiency, hiring manager effectiveness, and the entire CX.”

  • The process of scheduling video interviews with prospects now takes place entirely in Lever.

When a recruiter wants to create a Zoom meeting for an upcoming video interview, they simply click a button and the Zoom dial-in info is automatically created, added to the email sent to candidates, and populated in the calendar invite so prospects can easily find it.

“Zoom is on a mission to make video communications frictionless, and this new integration makes that promise a reality for the recruiting space,” said Zoom Head of Platforms Thiya Ramalingam. “Together, Lever and Zoom have enabled a seamless process for integrating video into recruiting. It’s a major win for our shared customer base.”

Of the many popular apps our customers can integrate with Lever, it’s clear connecting their Zoom accounts to our complete talent acquisition suite is a move that can pay significant dividends in the short term (enjoyable interview process for both prospects and hiring managers) and long term (scaling and growing as desired).

Learn more about the Lever-Zoom integration and how it enables our customers to conduct more effective, real-time video interviews with prospects and enhance their hiring efficiency.

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