Lever Integrates with LinkedIn Apply Connect to Support Hiring Success

In today’s hiring market, talent teams face heightened challenges in attracting qualified applicants. Apply Connect, an integration now available between LinkedIn Jobs and Lever, is designed to help companies overcome obstacles in their hiring lifecycle — from improving the candidate application experience to making recruiting workflows more efficient.

We are excited to introduce you to Apply Connect and encourage you to activate the integration today.

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How Does This Integration Work?

Apply Connect is available to all Lever customers, empowering talent teams to attract more qualified candidates and improve their hiring efficiency. Apply Connect encompasses a set of features that are designed to strengthen how Lever and LinkedIn integrate throughout the candidate application lifecycle. These features include:

  • Posting jobs from Lever to LinkedIn in real-time
  • Allowing candidates to use ‘LinkedIn apply’ (also known as Easy Apply) to submit applications into Lever directly from LinkedIn

Additional features are available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate or Recruiter Professional Services contracts:

  • Viewing ‘Applicant Highlights’ of LinkedIn applicants within Lever for quick views of LinkedIn profiles
  • Sending ‘Applicant Notifications’ about application status changes to candidates who applied from LinkedIn
Lime improves time to hire by 30% with LinkedIn Apply Connect

A Success Story: The Value of LinkedIn Apply Connect and Lever Integration

Lime is the world’s largest shared electric vehicle company whose mission is to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. In a challenging hiring market, the Lime Recruiting team was struggling to find contingent workers for open operational roles.

To address their hiring challenges, Lime leveraged Apply Connect and Lever, which marked a turning point. Through the Apply Connect integration, the Lime Recruiting team was able to reduce their time to hire within the first month for this hiring need by 30%.

Highlights of Lime Leveraging the Apply Connect integration:

  • Easy Setup: With a click of three buttons, Apply Connect was enabled and ready to use in minutes.
  • Increase in qualified candidates: Lime’s Recruiting team reported an increase in quality applicants which has helped increase the conversion of candidates across the recruitment funnel.
  • Reduced time-to-hire in a niche area: A 30% decrease in time-to-hire.

Move Forward with LinkedIn Apply Connect and Lever

Take a page from Lime’s recent success and activate the integration today. Explore the capabilities of LinkedIn Apply Connect and Lever to elevate your hiring.

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