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Customer story

Secure Code Warrior is the secure coding company helping developers think and act with a security mindset every day.

The challenge

Secure Code Warrior is a secure online coding company that helps developers think and act with security in mind every day. Companies are able to scale their coding excellence and build teams’ security software skills by providing real-time advice and monitoring skills development. 

Previously leveraging BambooHR’s ATS, the company set out to find a technology partner who could help them double headcount in the coming year, while tracking all their important post-hire data in one central place.

The solution

When Nathan Reese, Global Head of Talent, came upon Lever’s product, he liked that it wasn’t trying to be all things to all people. For him, the selling point was Lever’s mission — to ensure that the functionality being built is always world-class.

“There’s simply no other ATS that’s as nice to navigate as Lever,” says Reese, who was pleased when evaluating Lever’s CRM functionality, the first of its kind to take a CRM approach to recruitment.

Especially since Secure Code Warrior believes that nurturing potential talent is the way of the future. “It’s no different to your sales pipeline,” adds Reese. 

The results

In addition to centralizing all data pre- and post-hire, Secure Code Warrior also saw the benefit of streamlining their recruiting team’s daily tasks, getting them to focus more on sourcing and nurturing strong talent. The ability to pull reports also became easier and they’ve been better able to apply a sales strategy to their recruiting model to reach out to and close strong talent.

  • 30% REDUCTION in time-to-hire
  • 20% IMPROVEMENT in sourced hires with Lever Nurture
  • SCALED RECRUITING 80% year over year going from 50 to 90 hires per year on average
  • RECRUITERS SPEND 80% OF TIME SOURCING NOW instead of task management

“If you're serious about recruitment, it means you're serious about data. Data-driven decisions are the secret sauce for any great recruitment function, and no other reporting comes close to LTI. It's about time someone gave recruitment the same data love that sales teams have had for years.”

Nathan Reese,

Global Head of Talent

Secure Code Warrior Gets Recruiters Out of Task Management to Spend 80% of Their Time Sourcing and Nurturing Strong Talent

Seamless integration with BambooHR HRIS

The recruiting team can now move candidate data across to BambooHR with a single click of a button and minimize duplicate work within systems, improving hiring efficiency.

More time spent Sourcing

The race is on to find great talent. A recruiter needs to be spending 80% of their time sourcing, attracting, and nurturing, and Secure Code Warrior now has a well-oiled recruiting machine in order to make this a reality.

The ability to Nurture with CRM functionality

Lever Nurture allows them to get strategic about how they hire and how many touch points it takes per hire. It raises the candidates awareness and engagement with their company, and sends automated emails with ease.

Un-matched data and analytics

Armed with Lever Talent Intelligence (LTI), Secure Code Warrior’s recruiting team now has faster access to data in order to make data-driven decisions to improve talent and the business.
“How you take customers through your sales journey should be no different to how you take your candidates through your hiring journey, and the fact that Lever introduced Nurture years ago gives me an abundance of confidence in how far ahead of the competition they are.”
Nathan Reese,
Global Head of Talent
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