How to Write a Great Job Description: A Guide

Figuring out how to create a good job description can be tricky, especially if you created the role you are hiring for only just recently.

If you’re not sure where to start, the sheer number of job description layout options out there make it a challenge to pick the best one for your business.

Ultimately, understanding how to make job description formats for the roles your company relies on requires that you fully understand and map your needs for new hires.

Each company varies — for example, the best job profile in IT company circuits might not be the most effective in a medical office (though there is more crossover between the tech and medical industries than ever before).

In this post, we’ve got everything you’ll need for learning how to write a job description and job specification that applies to your business or to enhance the great company culture that you’ve worked so hard to put in place.

While creating job description writing templates and examples can be helpful for keeping things consistent, be sure to consider the type of personality and attitude that will be successful in the role to ensure those who apply feel they’re a fit — or will enhance the great company culture you’ve worked so hard to put in place.

Introducing your company in your job description

Let’s break down the job description format in more detail. Step one in finding the right employees is to introduce your company.

Every job specification format example will include a brief company description, where you show your readers the spirit and goals of the company.

Presenting the spirit and goals of a company gives a role more meaning than a paycheck to candidates, and gives top candidates a chance to form a connection with your company before they apply.
After all, if they can’t get behind the mission and vision, they’ll be unlikely to stay in the position very long.

According to Gallup research, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and their employees are 87% less likely to leave.

Your company description should introduce the business as a whole to its reader. When you’re creating a job description template, bear in mind the kind of employees who would enhance and thrive in the culture of your company.

Establishing and sharing a solid, meaningful mission statement allows applicants to know what kind of work environment to expect.

The best candidates consider more than just salary, so when writing a job description template you should consider more than just their responsibilities.

Be sure to include the company’s culture alongside the attitude you are seeking in a candidate to find the most compatible, quality employees.

How to write a job description template

What is a good job description? Employers want job descriptions that speak to the aspirations of top candidates, but how is this accomplished?

When working through how to create a job description template for your business needs, always keep the candidate’s perspective in mind and remember that you need to be offering value, not just asking for it.

Learning how to make a job description template can be tough to get started for some roles, so we’ve compiled a list to use as a starting point for your customized job ads.

Although every company has a different idea of how to write a job spec, every job description layout can benefit from the suggestions in the checklist below.

Job description layout checklist:

  • Make the job titles clear, direct, and specific
  • Engage potential applicants with an exciting company description example
  • Include more than one example of duties and responsibilities
  • Provide past job experience examples that would be helpful in the position
  • Define what it takes to excel in the role
  • Ensure the applicant finds opportunity for growth when writing a job spec
  • Specify an honest company culture (Refer to our blog description examples)

While you can’t necessarily create a job position description template or generic job responsibilities format, writing a job description example can help create a standard for job ads.

Your job description format sample can include everything you look for in all your candidates, so you can just add on specifics for each position you advertise.

Example job description template

The job description sample below is an example of how to write job description format that will attract the very best applicants for your open roles.

(Job Title)

  • Welcome to (your business)! We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate members to join our team. Here at (your business) we believe in creating innovations that will benefit our immediate community, and beyond.
  • For years our company has strived to provide the best prices possible without abandoning quality and care. This is your opportunity to join the (your business) team and leave your mark on our company on the (your industry) and on the world at large.

Our new team member will need:

  • (Education)
  • (Certificates/Other Qualifications)
  • (Past Work Experience)
  • (Physical Ability requirements)
  • (Other skills applicable in the job)
  • (Personality traits important for success in the role)

Job Description

  • (Describe what a day in the role looks like. What are the typical duties/expectations of someone in their position? What qualities are useful throughout daily tasks?)
  • (Describe the long term projects and responsibilities of this role. How will the day to day lead into accomplishing these larger objectives? What value will this role be providing to their team and your company? How will the responsibilities of this role grow with new developments planned for your company?)
  • After 30 days in your role as (job title) you will have accomplished (deliverable 1 for first month, deliverable 2). This is your opportunity to collaborate with experts in you your field and increase your scope of knowledge in the (your industry) with an industry leader.
  • If you want to be on the front lines of change in your industry and have access to cutting edge tools and techniques, then this role will be perfect for you and your career.

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