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Engage your hiring managers interviewers executives recruiters sourcers candidates

For companies at every stage of growth, Lever’s collaborative recruiting platform removes friction from the hiring process, so you can focus on the right candidates.

Unite your entire team around recruiting

Intentionally designed and deceptively simple, Lever brings together the talent you have to hire the talent you need - fast.


Accelerate quality hiring

Empower your team to source, refer, evaluate, and close top candidates faster with our crisp, modern interface designed for seamless collaboration.


Elevate your relationships

Proactively reach out to and build meaningful relationships with the best talent, whether they are active or passive candidates.


Unlock strategic insights

Advance your recruiting process with real-time, customizable reports and interactive dashboards that provide actionable insights in fewer clicks.

The world’s most talent-focused brands choose Lever

“I've never seen hiring managers and recruiters so responsive and thorough in their use of an ATS before. If you want a seamless process without spending a fortune, Lever is by far the best option.”

Emilia Cirker

Director of Talent at Distil Networks

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