2023 Employ Recruiter Nation Report

Moving Forward in Uncertainty

The 2023 Employ Recruiter Nation Report provides actionable insights that help organizations of all sizes make more informed recruiting decisions and deliver more predictable hiring results.

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  • Current hiring challenges, pain points, and opportunities
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  • Influencer and customer perspectives on the current state of talent acquisition
  • How to create a more scalable recruiting function and respond to market conditions

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Executive Summary

An era of uncertainty has arrived in recruiting. The unpredictability that exists in the labor market can make it difficult for employers to know how they should respond in this difficult environment. Employ data reveals that half of all recruiters believe the talent acquisition landscape will be volatile for the next 12 months.

Despite the turbulence, recruiting professionals should be encouraged by recent trends. Applications per job are up over the last year across companies of all sizes, and more than half of all recruiters expect their teams to grow in the next year, with nearly two-thirds expecting their recruiting budgets to increase.

Leverage the insights in this report to take action and improve the speed and quality of your hiring processes. Gather insights that will help you increase scalability and adaptability. And most of all, learn how you can move forward with confidence to achieve recruiting success — no matter what the next year may bring.

About the 2023 Employ Recruiter Nation Report

The 2023 Employ Recruiter Nation Report leverages proprietary recruiting data from 21,000 Employ Customers and findings from a survey of more than 1,200 HR decision makers and recruiters in North America conducted by Zogby Analytics in September 2023.

This data provides key insights into the current state of talent acquisition, top challenges and priorities for employers, recruiting and talent acquisition benchmarks, and hiring insights for 2024.

Recruiter Nation brings together the depth and breadth of Employ’s proprietary recruiting data from its JazzHR, Lever, Jobvite, and NXTThing RPO solutions. Employ’s holistic database features nearly 600 million candidate records, leading to greater recruiting insights for customers and organizations of all sizes.

Recruiting has seen some massive swings in recent years. Anything we can do to streamline talent acquisition activities, take a more proactive approach, and make data-informed decisions is going to deliver a higher degree of predictability.
– Ben Eubanks
Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

U.S. Workers

58% of recruiters and HR decision makers already use AI to augment their current recruitment technology tech stack.

57% of recruiters believe hiring new employees will be challenging during the next 12 months.

49% of talent acquisition professionals rank improving the quality of candidate their top priority right now.

25% of HR decision makers ranked job boards as their most valuable sourcing channel.

Whether companies are growing or slowing, talent acquisition teams are being asked to do more with less based on the current economic uncertainty. Yet, while the economy may have been cooling, in the labor market, the available talent and required skills remain more complicated to find than ever. Today’s recruiting challenges are the same as those previously associated with competition during times of strong economic growth.
– George LaRocque
Founder & Principal Analyst, WorkTech

Key Insights & Takeaways from the Employ Recruiter Nation Report

Average time to fill across companies is 47.5 days.

31% of recruiters view quality of hire as the top metric for measuring success.

61% of talent professionals expect to spend more on recruiting in 2024.

50% of recruiters think hiring will be turbulent in 2024.

86% of HR decision makers are positive about the future of talent acquisition.