Accelerate 2022 featured industry-leading talent acquisition experts that will offer practical insights, strategic advice, and inspiration to help you face recruiting challenges in 2023 and beyond.

How leaders are preparing their organizations for an economic downturn

As the business landscape evolves and hiring priorities shift, more organizations are working harder to retain their best talent — while counteracting the impacts of a looming economic downturn. But one question remains: How long will your top talent stay once you’ve ushered them through the door? Don’t miss our keynote session with Betsy Summers where we’ll explore how TA leaders can work with their org to retain their best employees even during unpredictable times. 

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Shifting Focus with Uncertainty on the Horizon: How Leaders are Preparing Their Organizations for an Economic Downturn

With Q4 approaching, many leaders may shift their approach to hiring in the new year. Conversely, employees who considered switching companies during the Great Resignation, may decided to stay. But for how long? Our keynote will explore how TA leaders can retain their talent – especially during a recession. 

The Future of Work and Recruiting in 2023 and Beyond

The recruitment process is antiquated and impersonal, and work as we know it has evolved. To retain the right talent, recruiters have to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition, tell a better story, build a stronger talent relationship management system, and enhance the candidate experience. This session will offer the strategies talent acquisition teams need in 2023 and beyond. 

Planning for Internal Mobility in 2023: Strategies That Drive Employee Loyalty and Retention

According to a LinkedIn report, 94% of employees will choose to remain with companies that invest in their careers. It’s time to reward the employees that have stayed with you through the Great Resignation. Listen to talent acquisition leaders walk through their internal mobility strategies that drive loyalty and retention.

Elevating Your TA Team to Be an Even More Strategic Leaders

TA teams are stretched thin. Oftentimes, they’re at the mercy of decisions from senior leaders that impact people planning strategies and leave talent acquisition teams in a reactive state. Our panel will discuss how TA Leaders can take proactive measures to be more involved in strategic planning, and be positioned as strategic advisors.

Safeguarding Your Mental Health

Recruiters have been put through the wringer over the last two years. TA teams report working crazy hours to help fill candidate pipelines, experience fits and starts with shifting headcount priorities. Not to mention, they are dealing with difficult and sometimes irregular candidate demands  – all while battling fatigue and burnout. In this session, attendees will get tips and tricks for protecting their mental health during difficult times.

Planning for DEI in 2023: Don’t Let Economic Uncertainty Derail your DEI Strategy

Has your company prioritized its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy? Even in times of economic uncertainty, it’s imperative that your company keep representation on its radar and continue to fight for it – even when budgets are constrained. In the final session for the Accelerate 2022 event, Lever will release the findings of its new DEI survey, and attendees will learn how companies are fine-tuning their DEI recruiting strategies in 2023.

Closing Keynote: Leading Your Organization with Empathy

In our closing keynote,  our speaker will discuss how having a more empathetic and human approach to hiring will drive loyalty, retention, and a deep connection to corporate values — bridging the gap between employee experience and candidate experience.

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