Creating a Diversity & Equity Audit: A Discussion with Blue Bottle Coffee

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There is no poster child for diversity, equity and inclusion as it relates to company management. The truth remains that companies are trying to do their best to eliminate disparities that continue to exist in the workplace. But when we spoke with Eryka Vargas, Sr. Global Director, Culture & Community — we quickly realized that there are tangible frameworks that companies can adopt to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. That’s why we’re partnering on a Diversity and Equity Workshop!

In this on demand webinar, Eryka and Blue Bottle Coffee CEO Karl Strovink, discussed:

  • The three phases to a diversity, equity and inclusion audit (*hint hint: it starts with the handbook)
  • How to best work with your leadership team to align on ongoing diversity hiring initiatives
  • Where diversity metrics are and are not helpful for your company’s long term growth

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