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Stop reactively recruiting and start proactively hiring the talent your company needs with Lever’s Recruiting Toolkit.

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Lever’s Recruiting Toolkit empowers modern recruiters from organizations of all sizes to proactively source, nurture, and hire top talent with robust hiring resources that help you do it all—and at scale, too.

A recruiting toolkit to end all toolkits—and help you
hire top talent, of course.

Lever’s Recruiting Toolkit helps you build better recruiting processes that make hiring easier for your team, like better outreach practices, best practices for internal mobility, post-hire retention, and so much more.

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Set your recruiting up for success
from the get-go.

Discover how to build the best sourcing and interview process that attracts top talent

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Leverage existing talent
through internal hiring.

Learn everything you need to know to drive a top-tier internal mobility strategy

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Drive tangible business results
with recruiting insights.

Master data-driven recruiting by learning the ins and outs of using hiring data and insights

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Create better and more inclusive
candidate experiences.

Build a more equitable hiring process that drives better candidate experiences with diversity recruiting strategies