Increasing Employee Happiness and Retention Through Appreciation

Whether you’re an HR specialist, executive team member, or individual contributor, you need to collectively build a company culture at your business that increases employee happiness and productivity to achieve your high-level, bottom-line goals in both the short term and years ahead.

The key to accomplishing this task? In short, people leaders across your business must work in tandem on a coordinated employee engagement approach that:

  • Creates a welcoming work environment where everyone is seen and heard
  • Helps turn good managers into great ones that help team members thrive
  • Ensures a strong work-life balance for staff members on each business unit
  • Keeps employees motivated, happy at work, and contributing positive work

In our insightful, on-demand webinar, our expert panel of HR pros shares tools and strategies the can help you keep increase employee happiness and retention through regular appreciation and recognition each and every day.

Watch our in-depth webinar, and your people and HR teams will discover:

  • Why tracking job satisfaction and measuring employee happiness matters
  • How to deploy employee satisfaction surveys to gauge worker sentiment
  • What it truly takes to boost employee happiness in the workplace today
  • Where you can evolve in terms of making employees feel appreciated

Check out our exhaustive webinar today, and learn how you can improve employee happiness (i.e., turn unhappy employees into brand evangelists and top-performers) through a concerted effort by you and your leadership team.