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Customer story

Invoke Staffing is passionate about changing people’s lives by connecting great people with great companies.

The challenge

Invoke Staffing is a recruiting firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina specializing in construction, engineering, technology, and sales careers.

Run by brothers Ned and Tyler Dickinson, Invoke Staffing was looking for the right system after implementing a legacy software in the staffing space to allow them to spend more time on the phone and add value to the business.

The solution

When Tyler came upon Lever’s product, he really liked the functionality to better track their sourcing activities from LinkedIn into a consolidated software that also could report on results.

“It’s like day and night from the legacy software that we were using. It’s fast, everything is tracked to one place, and the integration with LinkedIn is like no other,” says Tyler.

Both Ned and Tyler bring a strong work ethic to everything they do, so they wanted a software that could better map out their workflow for each client. 

The results

In addition to reporting, mapping workflows, and seamlessly tracking work between systems, Ned and Tyler were looking for a software partner that allied for high-activity and service for clients. They are proactive people and wanted a tool that allowed them more time to pitch candidates, not sweating the small stuff.

  • 90% REDUCTION in time-to-hire
  • 300+ MONTHLY INMAILS sent on average
  • BETTER PIPELINE VISIBILITY to hire and filter the best candidates

“ We made the switch to Lever to grow our business and source better talent. It keeps track of everyone we source on LinkedIn, provides transparency in terms of action across the team, and helps us map out the best workflow as we hire for each and every client.”

Tyler Dickinson,

Managing Partner

Invoke Staffing Sources Better Candidates 2X Faster

Better search capability

“The search capability within the system is amazing. You know your metrics and how each activity drives success, windows pop up for easy note taking, and you can filter candidates by owner and opportunity so much more easily,” says Tyler. “You can also set alerts for people that might be interested to follow up in the future.”

Un-matched reporting and filtering options

You can pull in any data from a legacy system and revisit previous talent, which other systems don’t allow. This empowers Ned and Tyler to activate past relationships and spend less time managing a tool: “In the niche world of construction that we’re in, Lever gives us a competitive advantage to move quickly in a market that moves relatively slowly in comparison.”

The ability to move at faster operating speed

It takes two seconds on average to drop a resume into Lever. Instead of many other tools that stagnate growth, Lever allows Ned and Tyler to move quickly when the best candidates come along. As a result, they’ve been able to focus on their nurturing strategy for candidates that might not be ready now and keep a pipeline of warm leads for when the timing might be right.

“Previous tools were clunky to use, while Lever is fast and lets you move quickly for the best talent. It’s a competitive advantage for any business right now.”
Tyler Dickinson,
Managing Partner
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