Lever Talent Intelligence Premium Implementation Schedule

Archive July 2022

This Lever Talent Intelligence Premium Implementation Schedule (the “Implementation Schedule”) will become part of the executed agreement between Lever and Customer where the order form references Lever Talent Intelligence Premium Implementation services and is made subject to the terms and conditions of the Professional Services Agreement located at www.lever.co/professional-services-agreement (together with the terms of service or master subscription agreement and any order form executed between the Parties, the “Agreement”).

The terms used in this Implementation Schedule shall have the meanings set forth in this Agreement. Except as modified below, the terms of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Where there is a conflict between this Implementation Schedule and the Agreement, this Implementation Schedule will govern. All terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

This Implementation Schedule is made effective September 7, 2021.

1. Description of Services.

During the term of this Implementation Schedule, Lever will provide Customer the resources with the required skills to perform the tasks described in the Implementation Schedule (the “Implementation Services”).

1.1. Project Summary.
The purpose of the Implementation Services is to enable Customer’s understanding and use of Lever Talent Intelligence (“LTI”), a Tableau-based collection of dashboards representing Customer’s Lever data. In addition, the Implementation Services includes the creation of custom reports, up to the number of reports stated in the Project Scope, provided that the Implementation Services do not exceed the number of Service Hours stated in the Project Scope.

1.2. Project Objectives. 
Subject to the risks, assumptions and dependencies set forth in the Implementation Schedule, Lever will provide Customer with the Implementation Services to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Train Customer LTI users in the use and understanding of LTI
  • Minor custom modifications in LTI to Customer’s requirements [optional]
  • Development of custom reports

2. Project Scope

Lever Talent Intelligence Standard Implementation project scope:


A Lever Customer Success Manager or Implementation Specialist will provide the following activity:

  • Pre-Kickoff call to walk through the implementation project plan, provide a demo of Lever Talent Intelligence and introduce Customer to the LTI Discovery Questionnaire, a document used to jump start the requirement gathering process

A Lever Talent Analytics Consultant will provide up to thirty-two (32) hours (“Service Hours”) which may include any of the following activities:

  • Up to seven (7) customer calls, up to 1 hour in length for each call
  • Walk through Lever dashboards in depth, review visualizations and key metrics
  • Walk through of metric calculations and Lever data schema
  • Review of LTI Discovery Questionnaire and alignment on customer requirements
  • [optional] Minor custom modifications in LTI to Customer’s requirements, consisting of the following:
    • Add filters, custom fields and/or aggregated fields to existing Lever dashboards
    • Build personalized ‘Summary Dashboard’ consisting of components and/or metrics from existing Lever dashboards
  • Development of custom reports, up to the number of reports stated below, provided that the total effort for all Implementation Services does not exceed the number of Service Hours.
    • Build up to six (6) new reports. Reports can be net new or a re-creation of an existing Customer report.
    • Up to two (2) review and feedback cycles

Typical Service Hours usage breakdown is as follows: 60% custom development, 20% customer calls (walkthrough, requirements, feedback), 20% planning and prep

The project begins with a kickoff call between Customer and the Talent Analytics Consultant (“Kickoff Date”). Once the project has begun, Service Hours must be used within eight (8) weeks of the Kickoff Date (“Service Hours Expiration Date”). Upon the Service Hours Expiration Date, Customer will forfeit any unused hours and will not be entitled to a credit or refund for unused portions of the Implementation Services.

2.1. Project Tasks and Responsible Party.

Lever and Customer will perform the following tasks during the Implementation. The project will be considered complete when these tasks have been completed.


 Task Detail

Responsible Party



Discovery Questionnaire

Define reporting end users, desired insights and metrics.


LTI In-depth Walkthrough

Explanation of dashboard purpose, visualizations, metrics (including definitions and calculations), and Lever data schema.


Draft Requirements

Detail and align on Customer custom development requirements.



Custom Development 

Deliver filters, custom fields and/or aggregated fields to existing Lever dashboards; personalized Summary Dashboard; and new or re-created reports based on Customer custom development requirements


Review and Feedback

Review custom development, collect and provide feedback.


Final Review / Wrap Up

Final walkthrough of completed custom development


2.2. Project Timeline.

The project timeline is outlined in the diagram below:


Week 0

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6



Kickoff and Discovery


Custom Development

Review and Feedback

2nd Review and Feedback

Final Review / Wrap up

3. Resources.

Lever will provide the following resources:



Customer Success Manager or Implementation Specialist

  • Schedule and conduct Pre-Kickoff call
  • Collect LTI Discovery Questionnaire
  • Schedule kickoff call with Lever Talent Analytics Consultant

Talent Analytics Consultant

  • All aspects of the Lever Talent Intelligence Implementation
  • Analytics and Tableau expert, data integrity and reporting best practice guidance
  • Project management

Anticipated Customer resource needs:



Estimated Commitment

Talent Analyst

  • Active participation to review and understand Lever Talent Intelligence dashboards, visualizations, metrics and data schema
  • Provide clear custom development requirements
  • Review, collect and provide feedback for custom development
  • Lever Talent Intelligence and Lever reporting owner upon wrap up

2-4 hours/wk

4. Location.

Lever will provide the Implementation Services remotely.

5. Assumptions.

  • Customer will be responsible for confirming and ensuring the participation of Customer resources as needed
  • Customer is responsible for the invitation and scheduling of participants
  • If the Kickoff Date is postponed by Customer for any reason Customer understands that the next available Kickoff Date is subject to Lever resource availability