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Customer story

Fullstack Labs helps companies of all shapes and sizes design and develop web and mobile applications that transform their businesses.

The challenge

Fullstack Labs hires specific and specialized engineering talent, which traditionally has taken a tremendous amount of time for the team to source and find across multiple platforms. The team was also looking to upgrade from archaic tracking in spreadsheets to a more holistic view of the hiring funnel to place the best engineering talent in the right roles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The solution

After using two ATS platforms and not achieving the results they had hoped for, Fullstack Labs was ready for a better solution — and fast, as the demand for tech talent increased at the onset of a global pandemic. Previous platforms had not helped with data migration and onboarding was very difficult. They were looking for a talent partner who could make hiring quicker and more seamless at a global scale, even for the most competitive talent. They were impressed with Lever’s unique in-house customization, support, and technology integrations from day one.

The results

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn and G Suite
  • Better hiring processes and pipeline management
  • Shifted from a job-centric to candidate-centric ATS

“It was so easy to get up and running and we are now identifying exceptional engineering talent at a much higher rate.”

David Jackson,

CEO at Fullstack Labs

FullStack Labs Improves Time to Hire for
Tech Talent 2X in One Month with Lever

Seamless integration with LinkedIn and G Suite

Their previous ATS didn’t have any integrations with G Suite or LinkedIn, which were primary platforms for sourcing the best tech talent efficiently. LinkedIn alone doesn’t show InMail performance and other platforms do not give any view into that level. With Lever, FullStack Labs can now see everything at the job level, from what candidates engaged with to which source they came in. Scheduling and collaboration is also a breeze with G Suite functionality.

Shifted from a job-centric to candidate-centric ATS

FullStack Labs is 50% in the U.S. and 50% in Columbia, with 110 employees and targets of up to 15 hires per month to make in the upcoming year. A candidate-centric ATS allows the company to hire with speed, placing the right talent in the appropriate roles. As a result, they went from making five hires per month to ten in the first month using Lever.

Better hiring processes and pipeline management

The team got rid of the manual work to track jobs and roles and finally got rid of spreadsheets. They now have visibility per open job and across all candidates to see who is in final stages and who needs grading. Process was key, since they asked 40 questions during the application. Now they are able to apply AI logic to route the right candidates to the appropriate reqs based on how they answer those questions.

“We’ve been so pleased with the initial results we’ve seen and have no doubt we’ll be able to scale our goals to 15 tech hires per month in the coming year.”
David Jackson FullStack Labs
David Jackson,
CEO at Fullstack Labs
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