How Five Enterprise Companies Adapt to the New Normal with Talent Optimization

enterprise talent optimization

Successfully executing a talent optimization strategy requires an organization to get the right people in place with the right technology at their disposal. But for far too many organizations, this is not the case, and HR executives, hiring managers, and recruiters are left pushing candidates through clunky and outdated recruitment processes. Recruitment processes that are very challenging to use today – and practically impossible to scale with. 

Lever’s Talent Relationship Management (TRM) Suite puts automation and talent optimization at the very core of an organization’s recruiting process. Which means your team is empowered to collect, analyze and then apply the data necessary to determine which candidates are the best possible fit for the roles you’re filling. For companies experiencing rapid growth or a significant increase in applications, like those featured below, it’s even more critical to partner with a talent optimization platform that can automate and organize this process as your organization grows. 

Here’s a look at how four growing companies are finding talent automation success with the Lever Talent Acquisition Suite: 

1. Atlassian

Five years into a strong global expansion, Atlassian recognized the need for a streamlined way to recruit talented engineers worldwide. Working with Lever and the Talent Acquisition Suite, Atlassian was able to empower more than 100 recruiters to collaborate and move candidates through the recruiting and interviewing process quickly – without losing any data or personal connection.

Robert Allen, Atlassian’s Global Head of Talent, said that Lever felt the most candidate- and recruiter-centric – an instinct that turned out to be correct. As a result of implementing the Lever Talent Acquisition Suite, Atlassian reported that over 80% of interviewed candidates completed feedback forms, 30% of candidates were sourced, and Atlassian grew to 4,900 employees worldwide. 

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2. DiDi

In late 2019, China-based car-sharing and food delivery service Didi scaled their usage of the Lever Talent Acquisition Suite to expand its operations in Mexico to Latin America as a whole, and ultimately to global use throughout the organization. But their recruiters were overwhelmed with how to optimize workflows and unsure of how to best use the system to hire quickly and efficiently. 

Working with Lever, the recruiting arm of DiDi was able to refine its recruitment process by country, department, and function. The improved productivity has allowed them to hit hiring goals and open in more cities at a faster rate. By giving them a better view into the data and hiring consistency, DiDi’s team was able to apply a scientific approach to hiring and enable the company to know each hire’s impact on revenue and growth.

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3. DAZN 

DAZN is the fastest growing sports streaming service and home to some of the most popular sports websites on the Internet today. But when it came to building out their team to support their fast-paced growth, they ran into some serious staffing roadblocks. Their clunky and outdated ATS required a lot of manual administration to make it work, including a convoluted multi-page application process. 

Working closely with Lever to create the best possible recruiting experience for both recruiters and candidates, DAZN was able to hand pick integrations and automations that give the team more flexibility in sharing job listings and quickly move applicants through the recruiting process. Having the right systems in place has allowed the team at DAZN to shift their focus from completing administrative tasks to creating an efficient, straightforward, and positive recruiting process. As a result, they have seen a significant reduction in their applicant drop-off rate and improved candidate quality.

4. Centro

Digital media operations software and services provider Centro had a solid HRIS in place for tracking post-hire metrics, but the hiring process itself was less than efficient. They sought a technology partner that could grow and mature alongside their talent team, with a focus on better sourcing candidates, reporting to leadership, and collaborating with hiring managers as the company entered a rapid growth phase. 

The Lever Talent Acquisition Suite allowed Centro to drastically streamline its hiring process and create an automated workflow between Lever and Workday. As a result, they captured new strategic insights around core functions like retention, referrals, and more. Centro’s talent team was able to source passive talent instead of relying solely on applications, gain some predictability in hiring by planning ahead, and encouraging platform adoption among other hiring managers in the organization.

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5. Renewal by Anderson

Esler Companies is one of the largest affiliates of Renewal by Anderson, the full-service window replacement division of Anderson Corporation. Despite its 115-year success as a window brand, the organization found its outdated approach to talent management was no longer working. The company sought to build a network of talent acquisition partners based on the foundation of a strong technology partner – and chose the Lever Talent Acquisition Suite. 

With a centralized platform and a consistent process in place, the organization was able to eliminate the candidate “black hole” and deliver a better candidate experience while averaging 125 hires per month throughout 2019. Overall, Lever was instrumental in helping Esler Companies | Renewal by Andersen develop a continuous-improvement mindset around talent optimization.  

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Why Wait? Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Process Today

In a fast-paced and ever changing business environment, a nimble approach to recruiting is what will give enterprise businesses an advantage over the competition. The Lever Talent Acquisition Suite is the secret weapon enterprise businesses use to hire the talent they need when they need it – and to build a talent acquisition process that continuously adapts to improve efficiency. 

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