5 new ways to use email in Lever

Recently, we added a few new features to Lever that will help you communicate better and faster with candidates. Here are some ways you and your teams can improve your interview process while saving time.


1. Send homework assignments to a candidate

Some companies send homework that their candidates complete at home before the next interview. This is especially common in creative roles like design and copywriting. With email templates, you can easily send an assignment to multiple candidates.

  • First, set up an email template for the homework email. Go to email templates.
  • Create a new template (see image). email-2-New-email-template
  • Choose a title for your template.
  • Write a subject line and body text. Use the ‘auto-text’ feature to automatically insert the candidate’s name.
  • Click ‘attach’ to the homework assignment. (PDF documents are usually the best to use because they look the same on every type of computer). email-3-Add-attachment
  • Click ‘save changes’ to save the template
  • Go to the candidate list and select the candidates you want to send the instructions to.
  • Click ‘email’ and pick the template you created. email-4-Use-template-with-attachment
  • Preview the emails to make sure everything is correct, then click ‘send’.
  • Done!

Now you’re able to send homework assignments to any number of candidates with just a few clicks. And when candidates reply to your emails, you can see both the email and any files the candidate sends back on the candidate’s profile (see image).


2. Include a map to your office in your interview invitations

When a candidate is coming in for an interview, you want to make sure they don’t have any trouble finding your office. This helps the candidate focus on the interview instead of fiddling with a maps app, and it saves the time you’d normally spend fielding calls from confused candidates. For candidates that are traveling from out of town, you’ll be even more grateful that you sent them a map in advance.

Here’s how you include a map in your invitations.

  • Go to your favorite maps application, find your office on the map and take screenshot. Make sure that you’re zoomed in enough to see the street names.
  • Insert the map image in a text editor and write a few directions for the candidate (floor number, how to get through security, closest subway stop etc).
  • Save the file. (Again, the PDF format is preferable). email-6-Send-map-to-candidate
  • In Lever, create a new email template and attach the file. Then save your changes.
  • The next time you schedule an interview, select the ‘email’ checkbox under the “Notify candidate” option.

3. Send NDAs prior to an interview

Some companies share sensitive information about their business in the course of the interview process and require candidates to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

You can include the NDA in the email template(link) you use to invite the candidate to an interview. When the candidate replies, you’ll see the file on her profile.

4. Collect feedback from candidates about the interview process

The candidate’s experience of your hiring process matters, whether you hire them or not. You always want to find ways to improve how your company interacts with potential hires. So why not ask your candidates? With attachments and email templates, you can send a form the candidate can fill out. You probably want to keep this separate from your information in Lever, so we’d recommend using a tool like SurveyPlanet or Google forms. Just add a link to your form in an email template send it to candidates who has just completed an interview. You can see which candidates have completed interviews by looking for the ‘pending’ or ‘view all’ indicator (see image).


5. Send offer paperwork

When you’ve decided to hire a candidate, you’ll want to have them sign a few documents. For the documents that are identical for every candidate, you can include them in an email template you send to every candidate you’re hiring.

How are you using attachments and email templates? How can it work better? Let us know in the comments below.