SMS Text, Chatbot, and Acceptable Use Policy Addendum

This SMS Text, Chatbot, and Acceptable Use Policy Addendum (“Text Addendum”) will become part of the executed agreement between Lever and Customer (the “Principle Agreement”) that references this document. The Text Addendum includes provisions specific to use of text, chatbot, and other chat based products (“Text Services”) offered as part of the Jobvite Services. If there is a conflict between any other agreement between the Parties including the Agreement and this Text Addendum, the terms of this Text Addendum will control. Except as amended by this Text Addendum, the Agreement remains in full force and effect and binding upon the parties. The terms used in this Text Addendum shall have the meanings set forth in this Text Addendum. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning given to them in the Principal Agreement. Except as modified below, the terms of the Principal Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

This Text Addendum was last updated April 24, 2023. Lever reserves the right to periodically modify this Text Addendum to reflect current requirements, and such modification will automatically become effective in the next Service Term.

In consideration of the mutual obligations set out herein, the parties hereby agree that the terms and conditions set out below shall be added as an addendum to the Principal Agreement.

1. Use of Text Services.

a. Certain Lever Services allow the Customer to send and receive short message service text messages including the use of Text Services. Text Services may be embedded in a Customer website or utilize cellular phone systems. If Customer utilizes Text Services Customer will not use Text Services to access emergency services (ie 911 or 999);

b. Customer does not own or have any rights to the telephone number or ‘short codes’ provided for Text Services. Telephone numbers and short codes may be changed on 30 days’ notice.

c. Customer may only use short codes for the use that was specified in the short code application, only send Text Services to recipients who have explicitly opted in to receive messages, stop sending additional messages (other than the opt out confirmation) if a recipient replies with “STOP” or equivalent, and follow other applicable carrier short code rules.

d. Customer is responsible for using Text Services in compliance with all applicable laws related to use of Text Services, including but not limited to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 47 USC § 227.

Please contact Lever at 1125 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 with any questions regarding these terms.