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Customer story

Quora is a question-and-answer website on a mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge.

The challenge

Quora needed a tool that would make recruiting and hiring a top priority for the entire company.

The solution

Now, Quora has more than just a recruiting process, it has a hiring culture

The results

The whole team at Quora, from recruiters to engineers and designers, is proactively engaged in the hiring process.

“By getting employees to actively engage in a cohesive system that streamlines our communications, we’ve experienced a tremendous spike in the returns we're seeing from proactive sourcing. This quarter, over 40 percent of our offer accepts were sourced, top-tier passive candidates, which is 5-6 times what it used to be.”

Sarah Smith

VP of Human Resources & User Operations at Quora

Quora's Story

Engaging employees to proactively source and refer the best candidates

With Lever, Quora has built more than just a hiring process, they’ve created a hiring culture.

Initially, Quora’s employees found it difficult to engage in the hiring process. Efforts were cobbled together with multiple tools and spreadsheets, and hiring managers didn’t know where they could help. But hiring top talent was too core to Quora’s values to be left up to that process.

Now, the entire team at Quora has visibility into hiring activity and feels responsibility for attracting top-tier candidates. Even 

engineers and designers, who VP of Human Resources and User Operations Sarah Smith says rarely logged into Quora’s old ATS, regularly use Lever integrations to proactively source top talent. 

Since starting Lever, Quora’s seen a huge spike in the returns they’re seeing from proactive sourcing, which now account for over 40 percent of Quora’s offer accepts.

"In my career of five or six ATS systems, I had never heard of people, especially engineers and designers, raving about an ATS, but they did about Lever. In the past it wouldn’t be uncommon for engineers to just not want to log into the tool."
Sarah Smith
VP of Human Resources and User Operations at Quora

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