Lever Nurture

Develop meaningful relationships with the right talent, at scale.

Candidate relationship management software

Advance your candidate sourcing strategy with our powerful workflow automation technology. By making proactive sourcing more timely and efficient, Lever Nurture frees you to focus on what truly matters: building game-changing relationships with your highest-quality candidates.

Add Lever Nurture to any Lever Hire plan and take your candidate sourcing strategy to the next level.


Supercharge your sourcing

In just a few clicks, you'll design customized workflows that help you build meaningful relationships with top talent through a series of consistent touchpoints. Never drop the ball again.


Boost response rates

Craft unique messages and make your emails stand out by including personalized elements and sending from the most impactful voice - a hiring manager, peer, or even an executive.


Track engagement

Assess opens, clicks, and responses across all touchpoints to see what's working and where you can improve. Receive alerts so you always know the right moment to take action.


Streamline hundreds of touchpoints in one powerful workflow

  • Build intelligent workflows that reach top talent through a series of consistent touchpoints
  • Personalize messages, customize timing, and select the sender to craft a path that's right for each candidate
  • Automate the manual tasks so you never drop the ball

Stay organized without even trying

  • Easily find candidates with three dedicated pipelines - for leads, applicants, and active interviews
  • Automatically progress candidates through pipeline stages based on email responses
  • Always know where to find the candidates that are ready for next steps

Start nurturing top talent in seconds

  • Add promising talent directly into a Nurture workflow through the Lever Chrome extension
  • Craft personalized messages that resonate with candidates right from their online profiles
  • Start building meaningful relationships in just a few clicks

“By merely being more consistent and measured in their follow-up to target candidates, talent teams will at least double their sourcing effectiveness.”

Chris Shaw

Director of Talent, Meteor

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