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What our customers are saying

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Case study

Stride's Story

The first time Stride evaluated ATSs, they made their decision based on price, but they quickly learned it was the right thing for the company to switch to Lever.

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Case study

Medallia's Story

Medallia has seen a 2x improvement in recruiting productivity by streamlining processes in one easy-to-use system while generating the highest candidates experience scores in ...

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Bigfoot Biomedical's Story

Bigfoot Biomedical created an internal recruiting movement that's 100% owned by everyone and achieved 2x growth in employees with 40% representation of women.

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Dr Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School's Story

Since overhauling their recruiting strategies and investing in Lever, HSCS has nearly tripled in size to reach 140 employees. Furthermore, they’ve cut their time to fill in half ...

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BPM Accounting and Consulting Firm's Story

Since investing in Lever, BPM Accounting and Consulting Firm has saved $900,000 in agency fees.

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SHYFT Analytics' Story

The SHYFT Analytics team has hired 50 percent of all employees through referrals, and 76 percent of SHYFT employees are active Lever users.

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Bazaarvoice's Story

Since rolling out Lever, Bazaarvoice has increased ATS adoption by an estimated 40 percent and accelerated their time-to-fill speed by 30 percent.

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Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation's Story

Within their first three months using Lever, the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation scaled by 50 percent.

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HotelTonight's Story

With their proactive approach to recruiting, HotelTonight has hired over 100 employees this year and decreased their time to screen by 43 percent.

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LevelUp's Story

Using Lever Hire and Lever Nurture, LevelUp has hired 100 employees in under one year, more than doubling their employee base to reach 180 employees. They have also increased ...

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Tooploox's Story

With Lever, Tooploox scaled their team by 175 percent. Furthermore, 70 percent of the team is involved in their hiring process today.

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Nortal's Story

The team at Nortal is simplifying every hiring stakeholder's experience to scale rapidly.

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Button's Story

It took trying another system for Button to realize how much Lever had improved their hiring processes.

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KPMG New Zealand's Story

The team at KPMG NZ is both increasing their hiring velocity and delivering exceptional candidate experience. Learn the secrets behind their success.

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Shopify's Story

Using Lever Nurture to double down on proactive outreach, Shopify has doubled their candidate response rate to cold outreach.

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Features for every team member

Lindsey Sanford portrait
“The scheduling feature alone saves me half a day, every day.”
Lindsey Sanford
Recruiter at Change.org
Mike Lew portrait
“Thank you for reducing the time it takes me to do pretty much anything by half. In the four weeks on the new ATS, I've had more meaningful conversations with more candidates than I've ever had in my career.”
Mike Lew
Senior Recruiter at TUNE
Hiring managers
Dave Arthurs portrait
“I spend a quarter of my time on hiring. Without engineers to do the work, we don’t have a product, we don’t have a software. It’s like trying to build a factory without people to operate it.”
Dave Arthurs
VP of Engineering at Laurel & Wolf
Sebastian Brannstrom portrait
“There is no way we would have been able to scale hiring to the machine it’s become without using Lever.”
Sebastian Brannstrom
Head of Mobile at Lyft
Talent leaders
Emilia Cirker portrait
“I've never seen hiring managers and recruiters so responsive and thorough in their use of an ATS before. If you want a seamless process and architecture that even your developers will appreciate, without spending a fortune, Lever is by far the best option. ”
Emilia Cirker
Director of Talent at Distil Networks
Chris Shaw portrait
“I’ve been in recruiting for 20 years, and it was always well known there were no great systems out there. Lever is the hiring software we’ve all been waiting for. I can do my job in half the amount of time it takes on other tools.”
Chris Shaw
Director of Talent at Meteor
Founders and CEOs
Grace Garey portrait
“Lever is improving every aspect of our workflow. It’s amazing how much it lined up with our existing process, taking the clunkiest steps and making them natural, seamless, and organized. It just works the way you'd expect it to work.”
Grace Garey
Co-founder at Watsi
Karthik Sridharan portrait
“With recruiting, you need to play the long game. It's not just about the next few months - it's about building a culture and a brand so you can hire the best for years to come. Lever has made it possible for us to manage hundreds of active and passive candidates while building that hiring culture. We're now able to get 'yes' quicker than ever before for the most strategic hires.”
Karthik Sridharan
Co-founder at Kinnek
...and most importantly, candidates!
Narendran Ranjit portrait
“I still breathe a sigh of relief whenever I see a Lever application form for a position.”
Narendran Ranjit
Job applicant
@kschoeck portrait
“So simple. Every company should be using this for the Job section of their site. #hr #greatUX”
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World class customer support

“The support team is always there when we need them. We engage them regularly, and they’re super responsive.”

Mike Podobnik

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Medallia

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