Introducing Lever Nurture Reports to Optimize Your Sourcing Strategy

In their search for the right talent, increasingly more companies are turning to passive candidate sourcing to fill their most critical roles. In fact, our recruiting benchmarks based on the actual results from 1,000 companies show that only 38 percent of engineering hires are applicants, meaning companies have to look elsewhere for the other 62 percent.

But sourcing is extremely time-consuming and hard to do well. To help recruiters avoid hacking together multiple tools to get the job done, we built Lever Nurture, sourcing automation software that works right inside our applicant tracking system to help companies categorically improve their sourcing effectiveness. Through personalizable email campaigns, automated follow ups, and even the ability to send for a hiring manager or other leadership, Lever Nurture helps customers dramatically boost sourcing efficiency and results.{{ script_embed(‘wistia’, ‘tcnanakvx7’, ‘undefined’, ‘responsive’) }}

Today, we are introducing Lever Nurture Reports, powerful analytics to help teams track, measure, and optimize all of their sourcing activity. With Lever Nurture Reports, individual sourcers will have easy access to insights to level up their sourcing effectiveness, while leadership will have everything they need to understand sourcing performance across the entire organization at a glance.

We’re thrilled to see the immediate results of Lever Nurture for some of our earliest customers, including the e-commerce software company, Shopify, who doubled their candidate response rate from 21 percent to 42 percent since starting Lever Nurture, and mobile monetization company, Button, who’s increased their candidate response rate from about 20 percent to 48 percent.

Now, users can track this sourcing activity, and more, themselves. “Lever Nurture Reports will both help me understand the efficacy of my team’s sourcing efforts at a high level and drill down into the productivity of each sourcer and recruiter,” says Erin Symons, operations manager at the healthtech company, Forward, Inc. “More importantly, the reports will enable me and my team to become smarter by recognizing which campaigns are working to easily iterate on our recruiting strategy.”

Keep reading to understand how to put Lever Nurture Reports to use in your organization.

Easily prove the value of your sourcing strategy

Lever Nurture Reports - high-level insights.png

If you’re investing time and resources into sourcing, there’s one question that matters above all else: is your sourcing strategy working? The first thing you’ll see in Lever Nurture’s reports is a snapshot of company-wide activity, which tracks the candidate journey from overall response rate to successfully hired.

Are you building a strong pipeline of candidates? Are they getting hired? A clean view of your sourcing results lets you quickly answer these questions and prove the value of your efforts. Plus, every sourced hire you make is money you save the business on recruiting costs like job advertising and expensive agency fees.

Gain complete visibility into what’s working to replicate best practices and improve results

In addition to your total count of sourced hires, it’s important to understand how you made them. But it’s challenging enough to stay on top of your sourcing workload; forget about meticulously tracking your results so you can make improvements over time.

Lever Nurture Reports capture all of your essential sourcing activity, making it a breeze to evaluate and adjust your efforts – with answers to critical questions like: 

  • What are our most effective sourcing campaigns?
  • Who are the best sourcers on our team?
  • Which of these two subject lines performs better among my target candidates?
  • Which team members via the “send for” feature generate the best response rates?
  • Where are we sourcing the most successful candidates?
  • What jobs are our sourcing efforts most effective for?

In just one click, quickly identify your top-performing campaigns, sourcers, senders, jobs, and more, with details on open and response rates, and most importantly, successful hires. Dig even deeper into touchpoints to see which follow ups increase response rates, and conversely, where returns drop off. With these insights, you can quickly identify which efforts aren’t worth your time. And conversely, pinpoint what works well so you can consistently fine-tune your process.

Drill down to what matters most to you

Lever Nurture Reports - drill down.png

Want to get more granular to understand exactly where your efforts are working, and what’s driving that success? Whether you’re a sourcer who wants to track their own performance, a hiring manager who wants to understand results for their open roles, or someone else, intuitive grouping options let you quickly surface the information that’s most critical to you. 

Drill down to see the performance of all your own Lever Nurture campaigns, or go a level further and see your campaigns for a specific role. View every campaign for a specific job posting, and dig deeper to see who on your team is driving results. Whatever question you need answered, our flexible drill-down options will give you the granular insights you need to identify exactly what’s powering your sourcing success, and where there’s room to improve.


Thank you to to everyone, including our customers at Netflix, Affirm, Clarity Insights, Thread and Synapse International, who generously lent their time and insights to help us build meaningful reports into Lever Nurture. Lever Nurture Reports will be available in July. We can’t wait to get them in the hands of our 100+ Lever Nurture customers, as well as all our future users.

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