Real People. Real Challenges.

 Confessions of a Hiring Organization.

Join Lever and partners to hear  Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Directors, and Talent Leaders confess their biggest hiring challenges in our 3 part series.

We’re teaming up with panels of HR and talent expert speakers and partners from organizations including Hired, BambooHR, Sapling, Checkr and more, to talk about:

  • Why recruiters spend so many hours hunting down hiring manager feedback and how to use automated workflows to improve communication
  • How broken hiring processes can lead to candidates falling through the cracks and how to avoid it by leveraging data insights
  • Why relying on agencies to source talent is not scalable and how talent leaders can evolve from an agency dependent model 

Join us for one or all three sessions:

Confessions of a Recruiter: Making the Case for Better Collaboration

How to source, hire, and keep more quality talent in 2020 while leveraging real-world tactics for working cross-functionally

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Confessions of a Talent Acquisition Director: How to Create More Efficiency in Your Hiring

Learn how to harness the power of analytics and make your reporting process more efficient in the coming year

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Confessions of a Talent Leader: Rethinking the Cost of Hiring and Empty Seats

How to stop relying on agencies to source top talent and the impact it can have on revenue and company growth.

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Our confessions series may hit a little close to home, but it will help you and your team take a critical look at your hiring strategy and enable you to make better decisions in the year to come.