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In the current labor market, employers are facing unfamiliar territory. Where do candidates fit into this? What are their current preferences and perceptions when it comes to looking for jobs? And how can employers respond in providing experiences that support job seekers and build a pipeline of talent for the future?

Employ is excited to collaborate with the UKG Workforce Institute to offer you this free report available for download, coupled with industry-specific highlights featured below.

This partnership brings together some of the best thought leadership in the HCM industry to provide organizations of all sizes insights into the current hiring environment. Download this free report and then take time to browse the articles below.

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Executive Summary

Organizations face strong headwinds in the labor market and candidate preferences are as strong as ever. The job market remains robust based on the total number of job openings, and unemployment is at near historic lows.

Certain sectors, including media and telecom, internet software and services, and information technology have seen widespread layoffs and job losses, while other industries, like healthcare, education, and construction, are strong and face challenges finding enough high quality talent to fill open roles.

Examining Employer and Job Seeker Realities in the Current Job Market offers timely, actionable insights employers can use to optimize and mature their own recruiting functions, informed by the realities job seekers face right now.

Key Report Takeaways

85% of U.S. workers are somewhat open to other job opportunities, including nearly 1 in 2 who are very open to new opportunities.

73% of workers say they are satisfied with their current jobs, compared to only 9% who are dissatisfied.

58% of job seekers believe that the current job market favors candidates, while 51% believe that finding a job in the labor market is easy.

52% of active job seekers list career advancement as their top reason for seeking a new role.

49% of American workers are not actively looking for a new job, but 50% would consider applying for a job if approached by a recruiter.

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