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Why Most Job Descriptions Are Useless, and What to Do About It

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Jennifer Kim
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Jennifer Kim

Head of Employee Experience & Development, Lever

Do your job descriptions get the right talent to apply? Do they even stand out from the noise? What if they could instantly make your company a candidate's top choice?

For too long, job descriptions have been used to weed candidates out, instead of draw them in. They’ve been treated as perfunctory, administrative tasks, instead of what they are – strategic selling opportunities. 

Lever’s Head of Employee Experience & Development, Jennifer Kim outlines how to turn your job descriptions from mass resume collectors into critical tools that engage and sell top talent. 

You'll learn:

    • Why most job descriptions are broken
    • How to trade in your job descriptions for impact descriptions built to engage
    • Real examples of compelling impact descriptions
    • One unique and low effort tactic that could save you hours down the line

Throw out your job descriptions for an approach that actually gets candidates excited - watch this webinar recording now. 

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About Jen

About Jen

Jen is Head of Employee Experience & Development at Lever, building the team that hopes to transform the way *all* companies think about recruiting and talent. As employee #6 at Lever, she was the first non-engineering/sales hire, and grew the team up to 50 as a recruiter.

Previously, Jen worked in Career Advising at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She was also a recruiter for a public advocacy startup tackling education equality and reform.

In her spare time, Jen is a career coach and writer on all things recruiting, leadership development, startup culture, and diversity in tech.