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The challenge needed structure and visibility for a hiring process that spans 18 countries, 22 offices, and thousands of applicants.

The solution

With Lever, transitioned from relying on hard-to-manage spreadsheets, to living in one centralized tool for all of their hiring activity.

The results

Lever freed up time for recruiters to focus their efforts on finding top talent and provided management with critical visibility into global hiring.

“Before Lever, less than 50 percent of our hiring process was tracked, and we had no way to see global activity. Now, we’ve achieved 100 percent global visibility.”

Brian Schneider

Head of Global Talent Acquisition at's Story

Growing in 18 countries and 22 offices around the world is on a mission to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see in the world. As such, they’re hiring in 22 offices and 18 countries around the world. With Lever, has expanded its global presence from around 80 to close to 300 employees.

When reached out to Lever, they were stuck with an ATS they hardly used and spreadsheets their hiring demands were quickly outgrowing. Metrics and reporting proved difficult, as precious time was absorbed in manual tracking across handfuls of spreadsheets. But investing full days in manual data entry, number crunching, and scheduling, all while attempting to replicate the process globally wasn’t sustainable. Even straight-forward tasks like tallying how many onsites were conducted that week or scheduling interview panels became wildly cumbersome. needed an ATS that would reduce hiring inefficiencies, streamline global workflows, and support the 

rapid growth the organization expected to achieve. Once transitioned to Lever, time was freed up — the same time that had previously been tied up in manual tasks. This allowed recruiters to focus their efforts where they mattered most, like crafting the perfect candidate experience and honing in on their employee referral program. 

On a larger scale, Lever helped the organization implement a unified workflow across its international offices. Candidate information, interview feedback, and high-level metrics now live in one centralized place. This increased leadership’s ability to make strategic, high-level decisions and gave them visibility beyond their US offices.

Before Lever, tracked less than 50 percent of its hiring process and leadership had no way to see global activity. Now, they’ve achieved 100 percent global visibility.

"We rarely had metrics or reporting. Even when we had Jobvite, everything was tracked manually in spreadsheets."
Lindsey Sanford
Recruiter at

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