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Why your ATS may be killing your recruiting efforts

“Recruiting should take a page from marketing’s playbook to focus on finding and connecting with people the same way marketing does – only your candidates are your consumers,” says Leela Srinivasan, CMO for ATS and recruiting software solutions company Lever.”

5 Recruiting Trends for 2016

“HR and recruiting leaders will continue to seek better ways to get their arms around data and develop true insights about future and current employees,” agreed Leela Srinivasan, chief marketing officer for Lever, an applicant tracking system based in San Francisco.”

Lever raises $20M to fuel product development and sales efforts

“Organizations that shift to meaningfully involving all the right stakeholders in the hiring process – from recruiters to hiring managers – and building talent relationships, rather than viewing recruitment as transactional, are likeliest to win.”

Man vs. machine: Did recruitment technology lose its humanity?

“The larger trend that “the better recruiters and better teams” realized some time ago is that recruitment is all about relationships – even with the onslaught of technology that enables some of recruiting’s best functions, Srinivasan said.”

Lever Raises $20M to compete with Greenhouse, Workable

“Part of a growing tide of companies aiming (and largely succeeding) at fixing an archaic recruiting process, Lever offers a collaborative one-stop shop for the entire recruiting process. From building a company-branded jobs site to reporting and recruiting metrics, Lever wants to do it all.”

Lever Raises $20 Million For Hiring Software Popular At Netflix, Reddit And Lyft

“And with a new $20 million Series B funding round led by Scale Venture Partners alongside existing investors Matrix Partners and Index Ventures, Lever CEO Sarah Nahm says her company will be positioned to help companies as they shift their focus from a high volume of candidates to higher quality and targeted ones.”

Lever Raises More Money

“Lever’s one of a group of hot, newer, talent-acquisition systems, ones that I’d say generally target midsize and fast-growing/progressive companies. Its clients include Netflix, Eventbrite, and Yelp. Scale Venture Partners led the round, which included Matrix Partners, Index Ventures, Correlation Ventures, and more.”

6 tips to improve your self-promotion skills

” ‘Again, LinkedIn is a great tool to use for getting recommendations. Make sure you’re accumulating about one to three for each role you’ve had — any more than that becomes overwhelming, and turns off potential readers,’ says Srinivasan.”

WorkWise: HR and marketing in recruitment

“Leela Srinivasan, CMO at San Francisco’s Lever Inc., relies on the Internet as a first step toward building relationships for recruitment and observes that “the better recruiting organizations get to know the individuals.”

A New Approach to Diversity

“Recruiting is a prime example of an area in which people need to be on guard against the sort of unconscious bias that could unwittingly lead to micro-aggressions, says Leela Srinivasan, chief marketing officer for Lever.”

31 must follow blogs for tech recruiters in 2016

“In order for you to stay up to date with trends in tech recruiting market we gathered Top 31 blogs that will help you find and recruit best programmers. We’ve chosen them from hundreds of blogs on the internet, giving you only the most valuable ones.”

How Lever is Reimagining the ATS

“Leela, who has worked at LinkedIn, OpenTable, and Bain & Company, and is now CMO of Lever, is so excited about what Lever is doing: taking a new approach to mining talent that is candidate-centric and collaborative.”