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NEW: Measure Your Complete Diversity and Inclusion Hiring Results with Lever

Data is key to any business initiative, and it’s no different when hiring for diversity and inclusion.

How successfully are you building a diverse pipeline of candidates? Are underrepresented minorities and women moving successfully through your interview pipeline? Without data, it’s nearly impossible to understand how your efforts are working and where you need to improve.

Traditionally, companies have a few choices for tracking their diversity and inclusion recruiting efforts, and none are ideal. You could manually survey every candidate who comes in your door, but that’s time consuming, and candidates are bound to slip through the cracks. You could use EEO questions to collect demographic information on applicants, but that misses large swaths of candidates who never apply. Or, you could forgo tracking at all.

Collect diversity data from ALL candidates with Lever's automated EEO survey

Now, in Lever, there’s a better way. In addition to asking EEO questions to support diversity and inclusion efforts during the application process, customers have the ability to automatically survey candidates who never submit applications – like sourced candidates and referrals – with Lever’s EEO survey. As a result, customers can finally capture complete records of their diversity and inclusion hiring activity without being burdened by manual processes or constrained by incomplete datasets.

“Diversity and inclusion leaders are hungry for data, but when it comes to hiring, it's incredibly difficult to collect data that gives you a complete picture of your hiring efforts,” says Blend’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leader, Ciara Trinidad. “With Lever's EEO survey for sourced candidates and referrals, we have the ability to piece together a full story regardless of whether a candidate was sourced, referred or applied themselves. This is game-changing for our ability to measure the impact of our diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts company wide.”

How the EEO survey works for tracking diversity and inclusion hiring efforts

It’s simple. Lever customers can already collect EEO information from applicants during the application process. Now, you can collect the same information via email for non-applicants with the EEO survey.

The survey will automatically send to candidates via email the moment the candidate moves to or past a selected stage in your pipeline. For example, you could choose to trigger the survey the moment a candidate makes it to phone screen. Candidates will receive a link to the survey in their inbox, and have the option to submit gender, race, and veteran status information. U.S. federal contractors have the ability to collect disability information, as well. That’s it! You can rest easy knowing you are collecting the information you need.

Lever provides end-to-end diversity and inclusion recruiting support


The EEO survey is the latest feature of many that supports diversity and inclusion for Lever customers. We are the top ATS+CRM for proactively sourcing and engaging passive talent to build a diverse candidate pipeline – which companies name as their number one barrier to improving diversity – and we provide robust support for reducing bias in the interview process, including structured interview kits and hidden feedback.

Moreover, we strive to live up to our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our own culture and in turn share best practices with the community. Because, ultimately, improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a problem for humans to solve, not software.

We’ve invested into building a welcoming workplace for all talent since day one, and we’re proud of our results, including 50:50 gender parity, a Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity in 2017, and being named the Bay Area’s number one Best Place to Work in 2018 by the San Francisco Business Times. Our CEO, Sarah Nahm, is a proud member of Founders for Change, a group of venture-backed founders who are dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion within their companies, and to achieving greater diversity at the highest levels of VC firms.

Finally, to help our customers actually move the needle, we focus on education, support, and working with our community through events to help make diversity and inclusion a priority from the inside out. For tactical and concrete advice for making real progress in diversity and inclusion, download our free Diversity and Inclusion Handbook. To partner with Lever and scale your team with diversity and inclusion in mind, please request a demo.

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