How Simplifying the Tech Stack Helps Centro Boost Hiring Efficiency

Today’s talent and HR teams are swimming in technology choices that promise them better outcomes. No wonder, then, that the average large company now has 9.1 core talent applications (up from 7 in 2018, according to Josh Bersin’s HR Technology Market Report).

But with every addition to the tech stack comes the burden of added complexity. And companies of all sizes are starting to feel the strain of managing multiple systems — most of which have overlapping features, yet lack the integrations necessary to “talk” to one another.

That’s where Chicago-based digital marketing solutions company Centro found itself back in 2017, when it decided to reduce its HR systems down to one HRIS: Workday. After leveraging Workday’s ATS for a while, the company implemented Lever for its pre-hire capabilities, thanks in large part to our integration with Workday, recruiting CRM functionality, and strong sourcing tools.

The impact on Centro’s hiring was immediate. Here are just three ways simplifying the talent tech stack has helped the company achieve its talent goals so far.

#1: Ensure a free flow of data between the ATS and HRIS

After reducing their HR systems down to Workday, finding an ATS that could integrate seamlessly with their existing HRIS was of utmost importance for Centro. Although they looked at vendors who used third parties for the integration, their experience only made it even more clear that their next technology partner had to provide the integration themselves.

“Because we were using Workday to already manage our requisitions and for our position management and headcount process,” says Emilie Clark, VP of Talent Operations, “we knew what we needed the system to do and what we needed to be sure happened. We wanted fields updated in [the ATS] to be automatically updated in Workday and vice versa. It was a huge piece of our decision-making.”

Thanks to structured discovery and design sessions upfront, Lever’s implementation team was able to translate Centro’s unique needs and quickly customize the robust business workflows available out-of-the-box with Lever’s Talent Cloud Connect for Workday. Now, Centro has a free flow of data between the two systems, helping them source more efficiently, enhance job listings, and allow greater collaboration for their Talent & Development team.

#2: Automate the referral bonus process, even for rehires 

“At Centro, we have a lot of employees that decide to come back,” says Clark. “We didn’t want duplicate, messy data in Workday, so we spent a lot of time on the integration to make sure when the hire comes back, it’s a new candidate, not a new employee that previously existed in Workday already. We have a referral bonus program and we wanted to have those referrals accurately captured and the bonus automatically generated without intervention from the team.”

Due to the importance of rehires for Centro, it was imperative during the implementation of Lever that referral bonuses weren’t dropped or rehire candidates given a poor experience. Lever was able to support a 10-week implementation schedule, including discovery, design, change management and training, data migration, and career site launch, for a smooth transition.

“The referral bonus program is huge at Centro,” says Michelle Michael, Recruiting Operations Manager, “and the process has gone really well. Referrals are easily entered by hiring managers, and it triggers the bonus right there in Workday when a hire gets made to compensate the employee.”

#3: Optimize recruiting performance through better collaboration

“Since we are a digital media technology, we wanted a system that used technology to improve some of the strategic tasks we give our team,” says Elles Skony, Vice President of Talent Management. “Like going outbound to source qualified talent, aggregating all hiring information to one candidate profile, and syncing all candidate communications and feedback to one place for transparency. We also wanted to improve the hiring manager experience.”

Since implementing Lever, Centro has seen a drastically streamlined hiring process, thanks to the unified workflow between Lever and Workday. From sourcing more passive talent to getting hiring managers to fully adopt Lever in the hiring process, Centro is transforming its talent to achieve its goals to optimize the strategic tasks across recruiting and hiring teams.

And since post-hire data is just as important as pre-hire data, Centro appreciates that with Talent Cloud Connect, the company can immediately spot check their most successful hiring sources. The team can now see which hires are needed, keep track of top candidates, and proactively manage planning to get ahead.

What’s next for Centro

Armed with a technology stack that will meet its recruiting and hiring needs for years to come, Centro is in a strong place to ramp up hiring and grow its workforce strategically. Having business workflows that span systems seamlessly has made it easier for the talent and hiring teams to collaborate and provide better candidate and employee experiences. The result? A solid foundation from which the company can ramp up its hiring and offerings as a business.

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