Hopper Schedules Interviews 2X Faster to Win Critical Tech Talent

With five jobs for every one available software developer, the market for technical talent is fierce. These candidates aren’t just difficult to get in for interviews, they also have the second-lowest offer acceptance rate (58%), after business development representatives (56%).

So how are companies coping with the heavy competition? To find out, we sat down with Ashleigh Jaffe, Head of People Ops at Hopper, one of the fastest growing travel apps ever. After announcing  $100 million in Series D funding led by OMERS Ventures at the start of 2019 and expanding its service to include hotels, the company entered a period of explosive growth.

With locations in Montreal, Toronto, Cambridge, New York, Sofia, Chicago, and Bogota, the 379-strong company is no stranger to competing for top tech talent in tight labor markets. But even recognition as one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019 couldn’t mitigate inefficient scheduling and a wrong-fit applicant tracking system.

Jaffe and her team made the decision to switch to Lever and haven’t looked back since. Here are three ways Hopper uses our modern recruiting software to win critical technical talent. 

Schedule interviews 2X faster

Most candidates want (and expect) to move quickly through the interview process. They also want clear communication from employers. But these two things become even more important when recruiting for in-demand roles like software engineers, who often receive multiple offers.

“It’s hard to hire anyone these days,” says Jaffe. “If you’re good at what you do, it’s a candidate’s market. And software engineers, they’re coming in with two offers on the table. If we wait a week, we lose them. Hopper’s growth is focused on building new features, but we can’t convert 1M downloads into customers if we’re not building out more features into our app.”

Before Lever, scheduling was a time-intensive process for Jaffe and her team. Now, with Easy Book, recruiters can schedule interviews in just a few clicks, which has made a huge difference in Hopper’s ability to move candidates quickly into Hopper’s hiring pipeline.

“In our old ATS, scheduling used to take so long,” says Jaffe. “Lever’s UI for scheduling is a magical, wonderful, warm, and welcoming place. Easy Book is sensational. We’ve been able to hit, if not exceed, internal requirements for interviews and screens on a weekly basis.”

Gain visibility across the talent pipeline

A clear view of the talent pipeline makes it easier to rediscover potential candidates, forecast for future hiring needs, and support rapid business growth when the time arrives. It’s also a sign of a maturing talent acquisition process to prioritize the talent pipeline as a key resource.

“Our biggest problems were reporting, scheduling, and pipeline management,” says Jaffe. “As a two-time Lever customer, I knew that Lever was the obvious solution.” From seeing where a candidate is at in Hopper’s pipeline to how many candidates are in a specific stage, Jaffe and her team are able to manage the talent pipeline from one, centralized location.

Jaffe also appreciates Lever’s integration with BambooHR, Hopper’s HR software. “I oversee both recruiting and people ops,” she says. “It’s important to me there’s clear and fluid movement of information, so when Tom gets hired, the people ops team needs to know as much about Tom as possible. We’re very excited for Lever’s V2 integration with BambooHR.”

Implement regular reporting for the C-suite

The speed with which employers are able to find and hire a candidate directly impacts their ability to meet their business goals. But it’s not easy locating bottlenecks and inefficiencies without regular reporting — or even a clear view of a company’s talent metrics and data.

Hopper’s previous ATS made it very difficult to pull historical data. “It was beyond frustrating, because I was trying to figure out a very simple thing of how many interviews I did have last week, and I could not get that,” says Jaffe. “It’s way better now with Lever.”

Jaffe and her team are able to track metrics like time-to-fill per position or business unit, hires per recruiter/market/roles, and what requisitions look like and report them back to the business. They’re also working with Lever’s Customer Success Team on creating reporting dashboards customized to Hopper’s data needs and preferred metrics to make reporting even easier.

Looking ahead at what’s next for Hopper

One of the fastest-growing travel apps ever, Hopper has over 30 million download installs to date. On a mission to empower travelers with unprecedented access to big data through its award-winning app, the people fueling the company’s innovation are critical to its success.

Armed with the right recruitment software, Hopper is now hiring at speed as the company looks to build out exciting new features and fundamentally change how the world books travel. “We’ve doubled the size of our recruiting team,” says Jaffe. “We have lots of open reqs in the software engineer realm right now. We’re growing fast. With Lever, I know our small, but mighty, team can keep up.”

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