7 Sourcing Hacks and Strategies to Supercharge your Hiring

Sourced candidates make up the second most common source of hire, and sourcing is arguably the most promising way to find your dream candidate. To make that your reality, you just have to hone the right tactics.

So what are they, exactly? The experts say there’s a long list of potential ingredients for sourcing success, but that didn’t stop us from trying to compile as many as possible. In our new ebook of 101+ recruiting hacks, we feature a section of quick sourcing tricks to help you find and engage great talent faster. Below, we list 7 of our favorites (but really, we hated choosing). To read the rest, download our 40 page ebook,where we also feature hacks on core topics like interviewing and candidate experience.

Sourcing Hacks and Strategies

1) Host company-wide sourcing strategy sessions

Are you preaching about the value of candidate sourcing, but you’re pretty sure no one is actually blocking off time to do it? We have an idea: make sourcing fun. Host a company-wide sourcing jam – complete with music, pizza, and even beer – to leverage the brainpower and network of your whole team. You and your 70 teammates can reach out to hundreds more candidates in one hour than just you can. Remember, however, that everyone in the room won’t be an experienced sourcer. Be sure to kick off the “jam” by equipping everyone with sourcing best practices and templates, then display them on a large screen throughout the session so that your team can use them real-time, and walk around the room to assist anyone who gets stuck. Your teammates may not know, for example, all the places beyond LinkedIn where qualified candidates await.

2) See when candidates are opening your messages to hack candidate sourcing

Do you want to know when candidates are or aren’t reading your messages? In Lever Nurture, you can actually see when candidates open and click your emails. This way, if you send 3 messages in a row and they’re not opening any of them, you know it’s probably not worth it to reach out again. If they are opening each one, on the other hand, it may be worth your time to send just one more. Finally, the added bonus: when candidates do respond, Lever Nurture progresses them to the next pipeline stage, so you can stay organized and quickly see who’s ready to engage.

3) Get more from LinkedIn candidate sourcing with these Linkedin tips

Tap into the “People also viewed” section of qualified people on LinkedIn. Look on the right side of most LinkedIn profiles, and you’ll see other profiles that are often searched along with that one. Think of the most talented people on your current or former team, and dive into that “people also viewed” section of their page. It’s likely that those people have shared experiences with your teammate, and therefore possible that they’ve honed similar talents. This shortcut should not be your primary recruiting strategy, however. If you only look at your coworkers’ connections, you risk increasing your team’s homogeneity through only hiring candidates who are similar to all of you.

4) Use Google alerts as part of your sourcing strategy for recruiting

Set up a Google alert for your top prospect’s name. If there’s a candidate you’re seriously courting, use Google Alerts to get notified when there’s an article published about them online. In all likelihood, you’ll find pieces that reveal something about their interests or passions. Armed with this new insight into your candidate, you can send a related follow-up to show them that you’re paying attention. We bet they’ll be impressed.

5) Start sourcing candidates and build rapport with ones that aren’t for your role right now

Brought to you by Tennyson Jones, Recruiting Researcher at Netflix

Great people know great people – if I’ve built a great rapport with a candidate who ends up not being right for the job, they almost always have zero problem sending me the names of other great people who may be closer to what I’m looking for. So always ask for referrals if you feel comfortable – this tactic has resulted in a few different success stories of mine.

6) Use Lever Nurture Recommendations as one of your best sourcing tools

Why spend hours searching for new talent when you already have best-in-class talent sitting in your ATS? Lever Nurture Recommendations will work for you, and suggest qualified candidates you’ve already pulled into your recruiting software. Perhaps one candidate turned you down because they were happy at another company, and another applied the day after you filled the open role – those two superstars might just be the right people for your roles now.

7) Share a new “Sourcing Tip of the Week/Month” in team meetings

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Sourcing can be really, really, really hard. It’s important to seek out best practices that will enhance your success, and learning tips from your peers can be way easier than scouring the web for them. Between all of you, think of how many insights there are – that you can trust and immediately ask follow-up questions about – in one room at once! ]Start a tradition wherein team members share new tips regularly – that way, you’re always keeping your tactics fresh, varied, and effective.

Want more? We also feature 4 sourcing hacks from Stacy Zapar in our new ebook, along with dozens more hacks from talent leaders at companies like Medallia, Thread, and LevelUp.