7 Must-Read Articles for Sourcers

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If you’re feeling like your sourcing strategy has hit a wall, we’ve gathered the best reads to inspire your sourcing journey and help you find the best talent to grow your company. We’ve curated this list from the best sourcers and recruiters in the game. They cover a range of topics from sourcing parties (or “jams”) to job families, sourcing veterans, and more! 

Here are the Must-read Articles on Sourcing:

1. Sourcing Parties GetEmployees Invested in the Recruitment Process

Have you heard about the newest trend of holding sourcing parties? These recruiter-led “get-togethers” for select employees help employers better leverage employees’ talent networks for more social recruiting.

Learn more about sourcing parties → “Sourcing Parties Vest Employees in the Recruitment Process” by Dawn Onley at SHRM.

2. What’s a “Job Family” and How Can it Help Me Prioritize My Sourcing?

Learn how the Recruiting & Sourcing team at Edwards Lifesciences, a $3B+ firm, spends over 50% of their time focused on open roles within what they call “job families” — a designation that enables them to surface and prioritize pipeline development for strategic requisitions.

Hear from Michelle and Kim directly on this podcast by → “What’s a “Job Family” and How Can it Help Me Prioritize My Sourcing?

3. Hacking Veteran Recruitment — Where to Find Them

Making a strategic decision to include veterans in your sourcing pipeline is not only a noble initiative. It’s also a great way to surface candidates who have a lot of sought-after technical and soft skills like specific tech proficiencies, diversity and inclusion sensitivity, and a strong level of commitment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to source candidates that are veterans. This article provides a useful starting point for veteran-focused candidate research. 

Take a look at SourceCon’s list of tactics and resources for finding veteran candidates → “Hacking Veteran Recruitment – Where to Find Them” by Michael Vroman via SourceCon.

4. 12 Sourcing Tactics That Will Help You Find Exceptional (and Sometimes Overlooked) Candidates

This article offers twelve stealworthy tactics shared by Angie Verros of Vaia Talent who says, “I wish I had known all of this when I got into the business.” This article presents some extremely practical tips that you can start implementing in your very next sourcing session.

See Angie’s ready-to-use tips and tricks → “12 Sourcing Tactics That Will Help You Find Exceptional (and Sometimes Overlooked) Candidates.” 

5. How to Source on LinkedIn in 30 Seconds, Instead of 30 Minutes

See how Lever customer PointClickCare trimmed their average time to source a single candidate from 30 minutes down to 30 seconds with Lever’s simple Linkedin sourcing Chrome extension.

Get the skinny on our Chrome extension for sourcing candidates on Linkedin → “How to Source on LinkedIn in 30 Seconds, Instead of 30 Minutes.”

6. What’sPre-sourcing, and How Can it Make Hiring Easier

Find out how pre-sourcing can take 8-12 candidates at the top of your funnel — and with the  two VERY simple criteria — result in a great hire at the bottom of your funnel. This article explores those two criteria as well as the specific elements you can search for in order to source candidates that meet those two criteria.

Discover those two simple criteria → “What Pre-Sourcing Is — and How It Will Make Hiring the Right Candidate Easier.”

7. 5 Tips for More Efficient Recruiting and Sourcing

Whether you’re new to sourcing or an experienced sourcer, these five tips offer a plethora of good advice, from scouring your internal talent pools to setting reminders to help you efficiently manage a growing candidate pipeline.

Take advantage of these tips’ guidance on sourcing best practices → “5 Tips for More Efficient Recruiting and Sourcing.”

To learn how to revamp your sourcing strategy with the right technology, watch this video overview of Lever’s sourcing technology in action!