How to Fall in Love with Your Recruiting Software

You love your favorite TV shows, the way your local barista makes your coffee, and the culture at your amazing company. So why not love your applicant tracking system, too?

At Lever, we hear stories of love from our customers all the time — tales of talent teams transformed by automated workflows, chronicles of companies crushing their recruiting with approachable analytics, and narratives of talent pros nailing the candidate experience.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and because we believe everyone deserves an ATS they’re crazy about), we wanted to share two of these amazing stories from our customers, MadKudu and PointClickCare. We hope they inspire you on your own journey to an ATS you love!

MadKudu: A love story spanning three continents

Founded in 2014, startup MadKudu is a lead scoring platform for marketing teams. With locations in San Francisco and Paris, and people in Singapore, the company uses Lever to create a consistent candidate experience across all countries, while keeping everyone in sync.

“I want every individual to have a good experience with us, whether they become a Kudu or not,” says Fanny Le Gallou, Global Head of Talent & People at MadKudu. “My ATS and my team guarantee that every candidate goes through a fair and kind process.”

At MadKudu, maintaining communication between different time zones and locations makes that kind process possible. Since implementing Lever in 2018, the team has put together a candidate experience that is the same from office to office, with no differences between countries.

From follow up emails (the team use personalized templates for every applicant, at each stage, for each hiring manager), to rejections (Fanny sends a personalized rejection email to every candidate after the first application and/or first in-person interview), Fanny and her team know that they can track every candidate, all from the same place, no matter where the recruiter or hiring manager is located.

“Now, everything is in Lever — the candidate’s stage, all the emails, the team’s notes, the candidate’s test results, their LinkedIn link and CV. I can update feedback forms if I need to in just one click,” says Fanny.

This visibility across the entire candidate journey has helped MadKudu improve their candidate experience from 45 days to ~3 weeks by allowing them to see bottlenecks throughout the process. But this is just the beginning — looking ahead, Fanny wants to get that number down even further. “I want to make it two weeks between first call and acceptance offer,” she says.

PointClickCare: An unexpected romance that was meant to be

PointClickCare wasn’t looking for a new ATS when the team found Lever. The cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software company was frustrated with their current ATS, but wanted to explore what enhancements were possible. Plus, they didn’t have budget for a switch.

After a few months, though, it became apparent that their current ATS just wasn’t going to cut it. So the team put together a wish list of features and started doing their research. After their second demo, the team knew Lever was the one. Now, all they had to do was make the case.

“There was a lot on our wish list that Lever checked off,” says Nermina Lika, Talent Programs Specialist at PointClickCare. “There wasn’t much that Lever couldn’t do for us.” So they put together a proposal for the VP of Talent and Chief of People — and got approved.

But there was still one more hurdle in the way: PointClickCare’s contract with their old ATS was coming to an end, which meant the team had just four weeks to implement Lever. “We had such a tough deadline,” says Lika. “The amount of support we received was incredible. We were provided with all the resources we needed… We knew we were going to be in good hands.”

It’s been three months since PointClickCare made the switch to Lever. The impact has been immediate and company-wide. Before, PointClickCare’s recruiting system was used only by recruiters. Now, with Lever, 100% of hiring managers are involved and using the system.

Best of all? Lever helps free up the team’s time to focus on what matters most — hiring the right talent. “It’s definitely saved a lot of time for recruiters,” says Lika. “Previously, they were doing a lot of manual work, using Outlook to schedule, using Word docs to do phone screens, chasing managers for feedback. The #1 [benefit] is we’re all living in the same system.”

Here are just a few of the time savings PointClickCare has seen with Lever:

  • Time to book interviews has gone from 2 days to seconds
  • Time to receive manager feedback has gone from 1 week to 48 hours
  • Time to add a sourced candidate has gone from 30 minutes to 30 seconds

Start your own award-winning love story

On February 13, technology research and advisory firm Constellation Research named Lever one of six Talent Acquisition vendors for its Q1 2019 ShortList™, which offers buyers of technology a list of their recommended offerings to consider before making a decision.

The honor follows close on the heels of Lever being named the #1 Momentum Leader in Applicant Tracking Systems by G2 Crowd in its Winter 2019 Momentum Grid, which identifies companies on high-growth trajectories delivering innovative solutions.

Both of these recognitions highlight Lever’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the way companies grow their teams. We’re re-imagining how organizations can think about growth, and partnering with our customers to constantly improve what our software can do.

Curious why there’s so much Lever love in the air? Schedule a short, customized demo of our ATS today to start your own recruiting software love story!