5 Ways Recruitment Teams Are ‘In It Together’

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In the midst of disruption and uncertain times, it sometimes feels like we are alone, adrift at sea, with no horizon in sight. We may feel rudderless, optionless, hopeless, but the truth is, we don’t have to be. This is especially true for talent acquisition leaders tasked with delivering the human performance fuel that drives their company’s bottom line.

Thankfully, there are a number of individuals and companies who have led the way to ideate and deliver new methods and tools with which to propel the recruiting process forward within a more virtually oriented environment. By coalescing their ideas, they have determined, “We’re in it together” and as a result, co-authored the following five tips:

Create a Remote Playbook

Remote interviews are naturally going to create new and different challenges. For example, there is now a need for the interviewer to “establish transmission and communication links between locations, and complete technical checks,” according to

Whether using a video or audio-only remote interview process, preparing the technology as well as other remote conversation protocols is required.

“Our recruiters had to think about the best way to continue to support our hiring managers and also our candidates whilst interviewing from a completely new environment—their own home,” Sarah Newey, Recruitment Manager EMEA at DAZN.

To do this, Newey’s team created a remote playbook. “We got our thinking caps on and created our very own remote interviewing hints and tips training video and supporting slide deck that now gets shared with every single interviewer via their calendar invite.”

Leverage Technology Integrations

Trimming the process fat enables a more agile recruiting organization. This can include process integrations that reduce the steps to get from Point A to Point B.

According to Anthony Batti, Senior Director, Recruitment Operations at Mastery Schools, “One of the things that’s allowed us to adapt during this time is Lever’s integration functionality. The more our technologies work together to eliminate steps, the faster it enables us to move.”

Pro Tip: Lever eliminates the back and forth, the manual data entry, and the inefficient processes. From sourcing to offer generation, they’re committed to streamlining the way companies work. The Lever ecosystem spans a plethora of technologies that quicken candidate interactions; for example, connecting Abacus and Lever enables candidates to submit expenses; or, Docusign enables the ability to send offer letters within Lever.

Keep a Personal Touch

While it may be easy to let your foot off the gas when it comes to taking the extra measures to adapt in-person interviewing and onboarding strategies to a remote scenario, do so at your own peril.

When performed thoughtfully, and with the same nuanced protocols as you would during an in-person interview, the virtual interview can create a personalized feel. The article, 3 Ways to Maintain a Personal Touch Using Video Interviews suggests to pay particular attention to eye contact, including averting your eyes from email, your smart phone and other distractions during the virtual conversation; in fact, close down your social media and stash your phone elsewhere to concentrate on the candidate’s words.

Moreover, rather than yielding to a ‘just-business’ decorum that video interviews can spur, the same article suggests intentionally weaving in small talk at the front end of the meeting in order to create a more relaxed opportunity to get to know one another.

“In the end,” says Sophie Leandra Noll, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Bitpanda, “we do interviews and remote onboarding helping us to keep connected, 100% operational and also to keep the personal touch, which is really important.”

Automate Communications

The artful blend of personalization and automation creates a recipe for recruiting success. By tailoring your automated texting processes, for example, you maintain personalization while also keeping the process from stalling due to lack of a recruitment team member’s time to manually craft each communication from scratch.

The Undercover Recruiter covered the topic of connecting with candidates through automated texting “from first contact all the way to the first day of employment,” applying these six essential steps:

  • Set a clear premise that clearly explains your why for reaching out to the candidate.
  • Make friends with speed and consistency by establishing a library of questions from which to tap key screening queries, and prior to sharing the chat with the hiring manager. 
  • Keep calm, realizing that if a candidate doesn’t quickly respond, they may be ‘thinking’ or simply be busy. 
  • Promote your employer branding with texting; this may include sending job descriptions; list of office perks; employee spotlight videos; and more.
  • Use text and automation to connect with candidates before the in-person interview. Hook them ‘before’ they come in for the interview.
  • Stay engaged after the in-person interview; this is particularly important when an offer has been extended. Periodic check-ins may be timed right after the interview; after the offer is pending to encourage their decision; and before the first day to offer support to allay their first-day jitters.

One of the ways to do this is through automation software such as Grayscale, texting technology that enables a white glove candidate experience, directly from inside Lever.

Moreover, by leveraging text messaging at various stages of their interview process, Buatti says his company is able to “stay sticky” with candidates. 

Prepare Hiring Managers for Interviews

While hiring is an important aspect of a manager’s job description, it often gets pushed down in their day-to-day priorities as other pressing tasks, projects and deadlines bubble up. This can leave them under-prepared when the previously scheduled candidate appears at their virtual interview door.

Recruiters can help prevent this situation by creating and deploying a repeatable interview ‘refresher’ process directly ahead of the interview. Doing so reinvigorates the hiring manager and buoys their confidence.

Says Newey, “Our hiring managers have essential tips delivered directly to their inbox by Lever, just before they meet their candidate so they can refresh their memory to feel confident for their meeting.”

From seamlessly integrated recruitment systems to interview-jetting collaborations to candidate-connecting innovations and beyond, the process to vet and onboard new talent is multifaceted and always evolving. Now more than ever, companies are required to be imaginative yet efficient in order to nurture and achieve top-talent needs. Get a Lever demo today, to reimagine your talent strategy, so you can hire faster, better and smarter and join our innovative community today.