Talent Maturity Level: Foundational

Discover what it means to have a Foundational talent acquisition strategy — and how your organization can ‘advance’ to the next stage of recruiting and hiring maturity and more easily and efficiently to achieve your growth goals.

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At the Foundational level, your business satisfies some of the most fundamental talent management responsibilities. To boost your talent acquisition effectiveness, though, you need to level-set around the resources and time available to you and your talent team today.

Consistency and cost-efficiency are two key areas in which your organization can be better, when it comes to identifying, engaging, interviewing, and — ultimately — hiring high-quality candidates.

You ended up with a Foundational talent maturity level primarily because you:

  • Have a lean recruiting staff, with talent acquisition likely driven by human resources
  • Conduct most recruiting work manually (e.g., posting and maintaining open jobs)
  • Need to manage and track the results of multiple job-posting partners and channels
  • Lack data related to your recruiting and hiring performance as well as your DEI and candidate-experience efforts, which deters truly data-driven decision-making
  • Have a reactive talent strategy, not a proactive one that enables you to take action on your recruitment data quickly and efficiently and improve your key metrics
  • Aren’t involved in any C-level conversations regarding organizational growth

The good news: There’s a clear path forward for your organization to ensure you elevate your talent maturity level — and better realize your respective recruiting and hiring objectives.

To achieve sustainable growth with your organization’s hiring efforts and fill those roles quickly with high-quality candidates who will help contribute to your business’s operational excellence, you need talent acquisition tech (and related processes) that helps you:

  • Make the most of your small talent staff to accomplish your goals and more efficiently carry out core tasks (e.g., scheduling interviews, gathering feedback)
  • Lead a company-wide effort to get more referrals and bolster your talent pool to ensure you have a database of ‘warm’ candidates to engage as needed
  • Automate critical recruiting processes, like distributing job postings across multiple channels and providing candidate notifications to hiring stakeholders
  • More easily communicate and collaborate with hiring partners to ensure they’re kept abreast of all updates associated with candidates and interviews
  • Get the support you need to start making smarter recruiting and hiring decisions based on your accurate, up-to-date performance and candidate analytics
  • Begin to closely measure CX- and DEI-related recruiting and hiring metrics as well as any other crucial data points you’ve yet to track (e.g., time to hire/fill)

Next steps: Audit your existing recruitment solutions and processes to learn what’s holding your talent team back from streamlining operations and scaling your business. Then, make the requisite changes to your TA/HR tech stack — and, in turn, your recruiting and hiring practices — so you can more effectively source, nurture, interview, and hire qualified candidates.

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