Unlocking the Power of High-Performing Teams Through Diversity

Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu, Founder of GrowthQ
Symphone’e Lindsey, Senior Director for HR at Twilio

“You’re only as good as your team.” You’ve heard the phrase a million times. You know that one of the most defining factors to success is teamwork, but building a successful, high-performing team is about more than organizing a group of skilled professionals. Research has proven that it requires diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) to achieve synergy.

Cultivating diversity in your organization requires ongoing commitment. That’s why we’ve invited Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu, Founder of GrowthQ, and Symphone’e Lindsey, Senior Director of HR at Twilio, to discuss the role and impact diversity has on unlocking your team’s full potential.

In this HR at the Table webinar episode, we’ll explore:

  • Essential qualities of dynamic, high-performing teams
  • The role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in success
  • Unlocking your team’s potential through diversity
  • Recent research on the success of diverse teams