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The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook [New Resource]

The topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace - D&I, as it’s become known - has never been more prominent than it is today. Many leaders, hiring managers, and their teams are genuinely hungry to build an environment in which candidates from every background have equal access to opportunities, can do their best work, and truly feel like they belong. But each week, fresh corporate war stories emerge in the mainstream media, highlighting the cavernous gap between the buzz about the topic, and the ability of most organizations to make real progress.

In March of this year, we began our push to empower other companies to close that gap. We launched a 10-part blog series in which we shared many of the strategies we’ve used. After embedding D&I into our culture since our early days, we’ve worked hard to build a team that we’re proud of. A team that still has more work to do, but one with 50 percent women, 53 percent female leadership, and 42 percent underrepresented minority leadership.

Now, in our Diversity and Inclusion Handbook, we’ll share even more tactics to help teams make strides in this important area, including: how to build an inclusive environment in the first place; how to act on feedback from employees across the organization; how to reduce hiring bias; and how to adjust in the face of obstacles along the way.

But it’s not enough to share just our ideas. Each day, we work with customers and partners who are also building inclusive workplaces, who inspire us to refine and improve our own commitment to D&I. We have much to learn from them as well.

That’s why last month, we dedicated the first day of our Talent Innovation Summit to a Diversity and Inclusion Forum. By creating a space for teams to share their insights, successes, and failures, we knew that we could all learn from one another.

That’s also why we asked other teams to tell their stories in this Handbook. Threaded amongst our own insights, you’ll hear the voices of Lyft Head of Inclusion and Diversity Tariq Meyers, Affirm Head of Talent Acquisition Ragini Holloway, Yelp Head of Inclusion Rachel Williams, and Shopify Recruiting Researcher Jess Verbruggen.

We know how difficult it is to build a diverse and inclusive culture. At least some of the initiatives you pursue won’t be instantly impactful, while others may not work at all. Still, our hope is that the actionable tips in our Handbook inspire you to push for that change.

Download it today, and let us know what you think! 


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